Brothers Black 6 by Blue Saffire


I said I wouldn’t be the one to fall the hardest. That’s a lie. It seems those are surrounding me these days and I’m not with it. I hate them and that they’re weaving their way through the future I’m trying to build with the girl that’s stolen my heart.

I have plans for us and our future. She says I’ll ruin her life, but I’m here to enhance it. I’ll teach her how to cultivate her desires, her pleasure… Yeah, I’m going to ruin something, but it’s not her life. I’m going to smoke that innocence like a fat cigar and wear a smile while doing it.


The things that come out of Ryan’s mouth are unpredictable and stunning, to say the least. Walk always? I was never going to, who am I kidding? He’s like honey and I’m the silly bee that will fly through fire for a single taste. However, he has walked into my life at a pivotal time and not even I understand the walls that are crumbling. And now… I have one more secret to keep from my father.


Those secrets. She has them and her father has them and now I’m in the middle. I hate it and it’s getting in the way of the one job I have. Keep her safe.

They both better get it together. Her dad can fess up and Carmen will have to stand her ground. There are bigger things going on around us and I won’t lose my girl because of these simple distractions.

Will the lies be the end of us? Or will something greater than us all snatch all our promises?