Brothers Black 7 by Blue Saffire

Brothers Black 7: Johnathan The Fixer


I don't know my past, I've lost control of my future, but I have a bullet for my present. Nough said.



That’s Roni, and that’s about as much as you will get from her. When you get to know her, you understand why. From the moment our eyes connected, I knew I’d be the one to fix what was broken. It didn’t matter that we were never supposed to see each other again. I couldn’t stay away from her, and she learned to seek me out when she needed.


Now… we’re inseparable. She’s the mother of my daughter and the soulmate I never thought I’d find. How the hell did we get here? I don’t know. What I do know is that the past, present, and future have collided, and the woman I love is going to flatten everyone connected to what started this, and I’m going to be right there by her side while she does.


Will we come out on the other side more damaged than we already are? Yeah, it’s likely, but the real question is, can our love survive?