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    Another A**hole is Out

    Yes, you read that right. Another A**hole has arrived. Deacon took forever to be released by the Zon. However, it's now out and you can get your copy. I'm excited about this series. Each book is different and unique to the author. I think you are going to love Deacon. Get your copy now! Deacon Yeah, I know what they call me. Hell, I’ll be honest. I’m a criminal. Well, I use to be, but you know that saying, a leopard can’t change its spots. I’ve been out of the car theft business for years, ever since that one night…

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    Updates & Answers

    Hey you guys! So sorry it's been so long since my last blog. I'm working with a ton of things on my plate and I needed to get the A**hole Club releases back on track. Some of you may not…

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    Audiobook Future for Blue Books

    Hey! How's it going? I know we're all busy with life. So much is changing in my own world. I can only imagine how everyone else has been holding up. I would really appreciate if you could spare a few…

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    His Miracle Baby A Blue Exclusive

    Update: The release had to be postponed as I needed rest. It will be out shortly. Stay tuned. I have a 3rd treat for you this month! August 31st I will be releasing a Blue Saffire exclusive, His Miracle Baby.…

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    Johnathan Is Here!

    I'm so excited! It took so much out of me to get this book out, but I'm happy I made it. This has been a battle won. This book is all I wanted it to be and more. I hope…

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    New Release Coming August 4th

    Hey Guys!! I'm so excited about August! I have two releases coming in this month. August 4th In Deep from the Blackhart Series will be out. On August 11th Brothers Black 7 will follow! That's right back to back releases!…

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