Perfect For Me by Blue Saffire


Perfect for Me 

Nolan “Rage” Chaney can have any girl he wants, but right now it is about his Band. That is until her. This is the band’s last chance. If they don’t make it now everything is going to change. they just need

one more key ingredient. Problem is what the band needs most is what Nolan wants most and it doesn't look like he will ever get to have his perfect note and performance too. 

Kelly “Kitty” Nelson is a pint size force to be reckon with on the stage but a tragedy in her life has taken the joy of music away from her, until now. The guys of True Life are just what she needs to fall in love with the stage again. Only the stage is not the only one out to take over her heart. When secrets and the past start to catch up with them will Kitty and Rage still be able to create the perfect melody?


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