September Updates

What's going on, friend? I hope this finds you well. Can you believe it's September? I feel like I fell asleep from April to August. Then woke up and realized I fell behind in my book schedule. 

While, I'll still be writing. I'm not going to get it all in to the proofreader by the end of the year. Therefore, I am losing a few books that were supposed to make it. 

Those books will be booked for January and so on. Keep in mind Ballers 3 will be cutting it close and mostly likely will make the 2024 list as the first book. 

Let's recap on the books that did make it this year already. 

Website exclusives: 





Amazon/KU releases: 

Beautiful Beast

Calling on Quinn (New version) 




Unexpected Lovers 

My Best Friend's Wish

In order to get things out on time. I had to flip my writing order and I'm trying my best to work on more than one project at once. The Immortal Iron Brothers are getting their own branded look. I'm excited for you to see what the books look like in paperback and ebook form. 

 I love this series because I hear their voices so clearly. Kendrick has a deep James Earl Jones type of over. Talking about feeling like I'm in the movie. LOL. 

My first full length PNR book will be in your hands October 31, 2023. 

Want to know more....

Series description:

The Immortal Iron Brothers are demi-gods forced to hide among humans as a Motorcycle club because of a curse. There are many beings hiding in the ranks of the club—werewolves, warlocks, vampires, and the Kings—demi-gods.

Ties to a crime family and the curse that bind the brothers to them are about to reveal secrets and end centuries of pain and loss. The brothers' servitude is about to come to an end. They can finally break the curse. Or can they?

Just when the brothers think all is lost and their father has long forgotten them. They find he has been watching and waiting to aid them in taking all their power back. There is no match for the Immortal Iron Brothers motorcycle club or their biggest secrets.

Immortal Iron Brothers Book 1: King of Knights 


My brothers and I are unique. We were born with a Power so enormous it has to be harnessed and locked away. Our demi blood both defines and drives us.

I’ve lived century after century, running from a curse that blood has inflicted upon us. That was until a family of humans finds out our secret and bound us to them.

Now as freedom is upon us because of the one detail they failed to learn—or so we thought—all hell is breaking loose. The past has appeared in a form I don’t know, but she feels like someone I used to know well.


All my life I’ve felt different. My father has always been cautious of who I meet and where I go. The one night I decide to defy him, I end up running for my life. Then he appears. He saves me, then drops me to my death or so I thought.

Now I’m sharing my mind and body with another woman. Or is it hers. She knows this man and wants him back.

What does this mean? How is this possible? In the end who will be standing? Do I love him or is this her? Is he in love with me or her?

Will it even matter when it’s all said and done?

I promise, you don't want to miss this. 

Preorder Your Copy Today

I decided to cancel the Trivia hunt. A number of things came up and I had to let it go. I'm too far behind to catch up. However, I do still have 3 prizes building up. I'm going to come up with another way to give those away. 

As usual, here's where I let you know what's been happening in the social Media updates. Just in case you're not following. 

1. Book #8 came out a little over a week ago. Wounded Book 1 from Disciplined Disciples series. The spin-off from Dark Disciples will be available exclusively on my website. This is Anita’s story. Book 1 of 2 in the series.

Book #9 will be off to the proofreader soon, but book #10 and #11 won’t get in to the proofreader until November. 

My goal is to get Trevor 1 and 2 to the proofreader at the same time.

2. For my sanity and to give the best experience, we’re doing the next online signing in 2025. I’ll announce details on how it has changed soon. I want to give visuals and do a live to tell y’all about it.

3. I haven’t had to pull any books from this year. I’m very happy about that. (This has changed. The proofreader has other clients. I'm going to lose 4 books from my original plan.) I have 2024 locked in. I will start with the left overs. I have several Universe on the list for next year. Many old and a couple of new.

4. I’ve booked the Alliance cover. I decided to make it a standalone outside of all the series. I have to move somethings around but Misha will get his own series. I’m still wrapping my head around this as I read through and send off the backlist for edits.

I’m working. Getting this book ready for release!

Would you like to know about my next release? Well, I'm working on three books. Trevor's first book, King of Knights, and book two from Disciplined Disciples


12 Rounds: Disciplined Disciples Series Book 2

Shanita is all grown up and ready to tell her story. This is book 2 of the 2 book series.


King of Knights: Immortal Iron Brothers Series is a 5 Book Series this is book 1. 

Something has change in the Immortal world. While Reilly rushes to warn his oldest brother of the change. Something happens. The brothers are being pulled toward their bond mates. Something they didn't think would ever happen. However, the mob family they are tied to has somehow been tied to their true mates. The Past is somehow meeting the present and the brothers are racing against the clock to find out how before it destroys the Immortal underworld as they know it. 

Wild Hearts: Lost Hearts Series 3rd book in the series

Trevor wants a divorce from Donna but the courts are forcing him to go to therapy first. Now he's in the room with Caleb Perry, Parker, and Dr. Winsor about to figure out how he got to this point. Book 1 of 2. A Lost Hearts Novella.

Here's a peek of 12 Rounds. 

Cover Designed by: Simply Beautiful Cover Designs 

Blue Saffire Copyright © 2023 

Unedited. This is subject to change. 


Can’t Let Go


I’ve never had anyone to take the time to truly understand me. My mother tried, but she had to spend most of her time protecting me. In the end, I believe that caused her to resent me. 

I was the source of everyone’s frustration. I’m always the source of someone’s frustration. Everyone except for her

I’m standing in my training gym, and she has no idea I’m watching her as she sits on her phone. Shanita has a way of capturing my attention and holding it. I trust her. 

Not once has she forced me to explain myself. She doesn’t judge me when I lose my shit. Instead, she works to help me. 

“You like her.” 

I turn to look at my sister as she moves beside me. My little sister Natalie is my assistant. She’s one of the few people I know for sure has my back. We’ve been through a lot. 

“Yeah, she’s cool.” 

“Don’t do that, Fletch. You really like her. I see it in your eyes. 

“I think she’s awesome. Shit, any girl willing to fight to keep you from losing your shit is A1 in my book. She’s pretty too.”

I’m silent for a moment. Then my brows compress as I roll my eyes. “No one’s going to let her live that one down,” I mumble. 

“Fletch, she beat the shit out of that guy. Max and I had to do some serious damage control while you two took off.”

“She helped. It’s not like she left you guys high and dry.”

“I’m not saying she did. I’m saying I respect her for what she did. That guy deserved what he had coming. I thought you were going to kill him, but she stepped in and tried to defuse things. 

“When he got aggressive and it was clear you were at your breaking point, she stepped up for you. That’s a girl you go after and keep,” she says, pointing at Shanita. 

I say nothing. My eyes are still glued to Shanita. She’s so pretty. I remember the first day she arrived. 

Her brown eyes drew me in. They were kind and her voice made my chest ache with something I still don’t understand. 

“Hey, I know she says you guys can’t date as long as you’re her client. I’m just saying. If you’re not her client, you can go for it. 

“Your contract is almost signed and the fight is next week. Technically her job here is done. You see what I’m getting at?”

I rub at my chest. I know her job is almost done. She’s going to leave, but I’m not sure I want to or can let go. Yes, she has a life back in Fire Crest, but she’s become a part of my life in such a short time. 

I miss her every time she has to leave for her business or to go back home. I’ve thought about paying all her other clients to go away or find someone else. Anita would kill me if I did, I’m still not sure if she likes me. 

“I don’t want to let go,” I breathe. 

“I know. Figure out how to make her stay. She makes you smile. I like that. Give yourself this, Fletch. We deserve nice things.”

“Hey, guys,” Shanita says as she walks over. 

“Hey, I was just coming over to talk to you. Max wanted me to confirm how many tickets you wanted him to hold for the fight,” Natalie says to her. 

Shanita bites her lip. “Actually, I need five.” 

“Okay cool,” Natalie says. 

“Five?” I question. 

Shanita looks at me and her brown cheeks take on a pretty color. Her skin is so smooth looking. I’ve wondered what her lips would feel like against mine, what it would feel like to touch her pretty face.

“Yeah, um, Durk sort of asked me out. Since Max invited Anita and Teddy out to the fight, I thought it would be a cool date. His sister wants to come too. That makes four, five including me.”

I ball my fists at my sides. While we were in Fire Crest, I got the feeling that guy was into her. I thought maybe I was reading it wrong. 

Natalie looks at me out the corner of her eye. I swallow down my anger. As long as Shanita works for me, we can’t date. 

Fine, I have a plan for that. I’m not about to let her go without a fight. Her ex finally stopped calling. I’m not about to allow someone else to come along and take her from me. 

“Okay,” I say and nod at Natalie. 

She gives me a knowing smile that lights up her blue eyes. I turn to leave. I have some plans to make. 

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Okay, I'm off to finish up those books. 

I hope you've enjoyed the year, my friend. Sending love and hugs.  

With love, 



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