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April Treats and Reveals

I know I'm late this month with your monthly blog. I was working on finishing My Best Friend's Wish to get it out to the proofreader. You'll be hearing from me soon with a link to purchase or burrow through KU. 

Meanwhile, I'm here with news. I had the honor of working with photographer Wander Aguiar on a custom shot for The Ones Left Behind cover for the third book in the Work Husband series and my awesome cover designer, Natasha Snow worked her magic on the cover.  

I can't wait for you to see. Can you hear me squealing? And the best part is. I have a new magazine issue for you to discover the cover in. There's also a new short story. Yes, I'm thinking of making this one a full length novel. You will see why.  There are recipes from our two chefs and a few other cool treats. 

As for the A**hole Club series. We are finally back to edits on this and working to get book 5 to the copyeditor on time. You can look for the last two books this summer. June/July.   Again, thank you for your patience. 

We are up to Clue number 16. I post a new clue every Tuesday. I was exhausted last Tuesday while trying to end this book, but I posted the very next day. 

If you haven't gotten your journal to hold your clues in for the end of the year. Here is the link. 

If you're not following me on social media. You've probably missed my Monday updates. Once again, I'll get you up to speed.  

1. A**hole Club update. This is my focus while I wait for edits to come back for My Best Friend's Wish. I’m shooting for June-July for the last two. It can’t be done before then. With making all our deadlines June is the soonest. 

2. Gio is ready to end this Work Husband series. Book 3 is coming.  

3. I still have Doctor Feel Good, Broken Soldier, and Wicked Prince Charmings in stock. Email me to order signed copies at TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com I have 3 copies of Unexpected Lovers as well. 

4. I made the cover appointment for the last two Blackhart Brother books for July. That’s all I have on that. I need them quiet until I finish what I’m doing. No more voices. 

5. Our theme for April Heroes on the Spectrum.  

No release dates, but it should be soon.

Would you like to know about my next release? This Series is on Amazon, book two is coming in a few days. The second book is named My Best Friend's Wish.  My Best Friend's Wish Book 2 in the Work Husband Series.


When I was younger, I believe I heard something I shouldn’t have. After what I overheard, I don’t believe our mother just up and left us. I was a kid. I didn’t have money, power, or respect to get the answers I needed back then. Not until now. I’m being promoted in the family and I’ll have all the power I need.

However, there’s one problem, I’m in love with my best friend and business partner. Carleen is everything I would want in a wife. If only being a Di Lorenzo didn’t threaten her life.


I’ve been in love with Dario Di Lorenzo since I was eight years old. My father believes that’s the reason I walked away from being a surgeon to become a chef. One drunken night and Dario learns my secret. A secret that leads to a bigger secret that threatens my life as I know it—everything is about to change.

I’d give my all for Dario. Even if that means becoming what he doesn’t know he needs.

Will all these secrets tear everything apart? Will the Di Lorenzo world turn everything on its head? Or will one single wish fall in with the plan?

Now for our the March Winner for the Month contest. The $10.00 Amazon gift card and books (Unexpected Lovers, Broken Soilder, Remember Me, Wicked Prince Charmings, and Doctor Feel Good)— How is that for some March Madness, go to. 

Stacey Cohen

Please contact me with a mailing address.

Now for your opportunity to enter your name for a chance at the monthly giveaway. This month's theme and giveaway is called Heroes on the Spectrumand there's a $10.00 gift card.

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