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Hey Verleiz, Here we are in March already. I have so much going on. I'm finally at full capacity with my schedule. All balls are in the air and I'm working to keep them there. Although, I'm still working to get my typing speed back up to normal. I want to thank you all for your support with Unexpected Lovers. If you haven't gotten your copy. It's live on Amazon and available through KU as well as in paperback format. 

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Now for a snippet from Book 2 from the Work Husband seriesMy Best Friend's Wish

This is subject to change. Copyright 2022 Blue Saffire. 


Prodigal Son


“It’s done,” Jace whispers in my ear as I sit in this boring meeting.

I grunt and give a slight nod as he fades back into the background. Then focus on the room around me.

I’m discounted, forgotten, unconsidered, but I’m okay with that. These men have no idea what’s coming for them. Old age has made them all complacent and out of touch.

The world has changed, and they haven’t. Leadership has failed and they’ve become sloppy in their antiquated ways. This generation has no care or respect for past or the rules. As a result, these men are becoming obsolete.

My grandfather on the other hand has remained sharp. He asks questions. For everything he teaches he asks for a lesson in return. I admire him for this.

He will be the saving grace for a few. The others will get what they deserve. They’re greed will consume them. Their lack of foresight will end their world as they know it.  

My gaze lands on Dario. My twin brothers are unique and the complete opposite of each other. While Dante responses with brutal force and builds from the hand he’s dealt. Dario is a quiet storm.

He’s the thinker, he’s not the one to assume things. He’s going to say what he thinks, and he’ll come at you once he figures out the problem he needs to solve, but Dante is the one who’s going to silence you and ask questions later. Not, Dario—unless provoked into a blinding rage—which takes a lot. This is why he was chosen for this part. Yet here he sits with a stern scowl on his face. I know this isn’t what he wants.

He still doesn’t understand what he’s needed for. He’s mind is elsewhere. What he wants belongs back home in America. Dario found is forever years ago, but there are others who have tried to map out his future and take that away from him. Or at least they think they have.

Dario won’t be the one to make the sacrifices in this family. That will always be me. I’m the Tsunami they don’t see coming.

Ever wonder why magicians say abracadabra? It’s to get your attention off their next moves. The word calls to your ears and distracts the eyes. It’s like brain confusion. Like biting down on a virgin’s ear as you break their barrier.

Well, I Gio Di Lorenzo am the biggest fucking abracadabra there is. I’m the wand, the hands, and the curtain the wizard is hidden behind, the smoke and the damn mirrors.

They fucked up writing my ass off—but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself again. This isn’t about me. This is about my little brother and how I’m going to make sure he gets to have the life he should. He was never meant to be the Don of our family—yet another illusion. He’s not the one with the dark soul. Not as dark as it would need to be for what’s coming.

No, they started this, and I will finish it. There are layers to everything I do. They fucked up thinking they could replace me. Like I’m not a fucking Di Lorenzo by blood.

We’ll see. I promise you this, if you’re going to come for me, make sure your ass is smart enough or at least smarter than me. I wish these motherfuckers luck, I, Gio have never been anyone’s fool.

Just because I don’t turn my head every time a snake rattles doesn’t mean I don’t hear the rattling. My axe is always at hand ready to chop heads. I am Gio Michelangelo Di Lorenzo, put respect on my fucking name.

If you haven't been able to follow my updates on social media. Here's my latest update. 

1. Looking at my schedule and where I am versus where I thought I’d be. I’m going to work on Again, Cage and Rose after I end the Work Husband Series. 

2. I’m closer to 95% back at it. Throwing up the last 2 balls this week. I might need to flip my days.Write first thing and edit at night. 

3. I’m still working on Book 2 of 2022. I’ll let you guys know when I reach the halfway mark. I want to answer some of the questions you have from book 1 in book 2 but not all. I’m deciding how to do this through Dario and Carleen’s eyes. 

4.I will start edit inputs for older books this weekend. Last week this was a lie. Release day and adulting for the month fell on the same day. I’m surprised I got so much done today. I’ve been fried all weekend. I’ll try this weekend. 

5. I still have Doctor Feel Good, Broken Soldier, and Wicked Prince Charmings in stock. Inbox me to order signed copies. Or email me at TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com I have copies of Unexpected Lovers as well. Limited copies. 

6. I’m about to head into the gym and try the bike again. I couldn’t hold myself up on it before. I want to try it and weights today. 

7.A**hole Club update. With all on my plate and looking at the editor’s booking schedule. I’m shooting for June-July for the last two. It can’t be done before then. With making all our deadlines June is the soonest.

8. I plan to put the next issue of the magazine out this month. 8. Sending out a email this week. (Here, you have it. LOL) The winners from last month never reached out to me. Maybe I’ll switch the form to ask for your mailing address up front. 

9. Going to read through how to do a Goodreads giveaway and set one up this month. 

10. This Month's Theme is March Madness I have something really cool for the giveaway.  No release dates at the moment. However, one more will be coming soon. Are you following the Blue 2022 Trivia Hunt? The videos are on FB and Instagram. 

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Well, that's me for this month. I need to get back to work on this book. Hope to see you soon with a release date. I'm working. So many details to cover. 

Thanks again for all of your support. May the month of March be kind to you. 

With Love, 



  • Lenora Stuckey

    I saw the cover reveal, beautiful, but I’m just a little confused so help me understand. I thought the covers were reflections or tibits of the book, and from the other two Work Husbands books, I understood Gia to be dark and Jace with long blond hair. Did I get it all mixed up?

    • Blue Saffire

      Gio’s hair is dark. Unfortunately, the day of the photo shoot the model for Jace wet his hair and it appears darker. He is blond just a darker blond.

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