The happens of May

Hi, friend. How are you doing? I have a lot to share with you this month. Some things sad and some that may excite you. 
First, May 31, 2022 will make my 7 year Blue anniversary. I've been writing as Blue Saffire for 7 years, can you believe that? It all started with Legally Bound. I've come such a long way. 55 titles, all bestseller. Now that is God's blessing. 
55 is a master number and 7 is a number of completion. So I'm not surprised by the changes happening around me. The first biggest change will be my publishing house closing to other authors. We'll be focusing on the Blue brands. Blue Saffire and Royal Blue. 

Over the last 3 years, it was an honor to have worked with three very talent authors. My mentorship program was only meant to last a year.

However, here we are 3 years later. It’s my hope that Ivy Harper, Tiya Rayne, and KT Adler all go out into the literary world and spread their wings.

I hope to watch them soar and take all they have learned into a successful future.

Thank you for the opportunity to know and grow with you ladies.

All the best.

The next big change. I sincerely apologize for this, but it was the right thing to do.
KT and I have come to a mutual decision to pull Rhet’s book from the series. I appreciate her hard work and dedication but this book fell during hard times and the enjoyment and passion that comes with writing has been lost.
Instead of holding up the end of this series, KT will take some time and maybe revisit Rhet in the future after taking the time necessary to heal and regain the mindset to give you what she’s truly capable of.
You will still get two more books. I’ll finish them as soon as I finish the 3 projects I’m currently wrapping up, right in time for the summer release. I just need a moment to regroup and see how to fit the pieces to the change.
Thank you for your understanding and your support.

We are up to Clue number 18. I post a new clue every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram. Only 34 clues to go. 

If you haven't gotten your journal to hold your clues in for the end of the year. Here is the link. 

If you're not following me on social media. You've probably missed my Monday updates. Once again, I'll get you up to speed. 
1. We’re in Gio for the win. I want to end this series. I have so much more I want to get out this year. My brain is buzzing.
2.I have pulled a few books from the list. No worries. I’m replacing them with things you’ve asked for. In addition, I have a few surprises. The A Million to Blow Series is moving to Amazon. Books 1 and 2 will get new scenes and a freshening up. I'm so excited. I forgot how much I love Clayton. You need his story and a few others for the Lost Souls world so this is the reason for the move. Look out for the releases soon. 
3. I'm healed and I'm in the lab full time. Been working my butt off. I have so much coming your way. 
4. We need to do a live this month. May 31 is my 7 year anniversary as Blue Saffire. I’ll think on something.
5. I'll finish the A**hole club as soon as I finish the three books I'm working on. You will still get them sometime in July. 

Would you like to know about my next release? Well, there will be three, back to back. As I said The A Million to Blow series is going to Amazon. Starting with book one A Million to Blow. Next up will be A Million to Stay (**Last two books will release after I close the A**holes.) Then I will release the conclusion of the Work Husband Series, The Ones Left Behind
No worries, love. The first two books are on their way out the door to the proofreader. I'm shooting to have all three done in the next six weeks. If not sooner. The Work Husband series has to be done in time to go to audio production. 
Yes, sis is on it. I got you. Blue is back. 

Now for a snippet from Book 3 from the Work Husband seriesThe Ones Left Behind.

This is subject to change. Copyright 2022 Blue Saffire. 

The Ones Left Behind Cover designed by Natasha Snow.

Photographer Wander Aguiar

Models Liam, Amber, and Alex




Ah, everyone is here. We’re ready for my turn. All eyes are on me but allow me to get some shit straight. No matter what picture has been painted about me, I’ve never been a finook

Not that it’s anyone's business what happens in my bed or who’s in it. It wouldn’t make a damn difference. I’d still gut you and hang you from a rusty hook by your asshole for fucking with my family. 

However, Jace has never been in my bed for me. He’s only there for her. Her. She’s what holds us together. All I do is for her. 

Hold on, I’m moving too fast. You’ve been peeking through the looking glass but from the wrong angle. I need you to understand why we are, who we are. Why I have a doll collection. Why there’s a doll master and curator. You need to see just what all my hand has been in. 

Some may see my mother as the mastermind, okay. I could see that too. However, even Ava Di Lorenzo didn’t see who her son would become. Yes, she has trusted me, but she’s never known, the full plan. The plan to make it so no one could take away, what the two most important people in my world asked me for. 

I’m not just the doll collector. I’m the ultimate puppet master and Genie. I grant wishes, I make shit happen. 

Nyla wants to hold onto the family she has. Jace wants a family of his own. I want to restore my family and give them both what they asked for. All within a world that says I can’t have that. An antiquated world that fears anything that’s different. 

How do you exist in a world that calls you names and shakes its head at all that you love? You blow that motherfucker up and show them the beauty of all that you are. 

I, Don Gio Michelangelo Di Lorenzo was born for this. If you’re not for me, you’re against me, but you won’t take away what brings me joy. 

It’s time we tell you our story. It’s the only way for you to understand us.

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Teri Dixon

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