Cover Reveal, Upcoming Release, and A Tease

Hey, all I'm still plugging away. This weekend will be crazy busy. I have classes to teach, deadlines to meet, and books to complete. Edits have been returned for review and I need to take a good deep breath to handle the juggling act for the month.

Phew! ROTF!

Still! As promised! A cover reveal is here and a teaser.

Here is the next book you will see on Amazon!!

From the Hold On To Me Series: Be My Valentine.





Snippet From Be My Valentine

Copyright 2019 By Blue Saffire


This is my third call today and she hasn’t answered a single one. My patience grows thin with this dance we’re doing. This woman is playing a foolish game with me.

I growl at the sound of her voice telling me to leave a message. Me. I should never have to hear that message. My calls should never go unanswered.

This is my fault, I’ve been too lenient. Years of free reign has led to this disrespect. I tighten my fist around my phone.

Pulling the device from my ear, I dial a different number. I know I will get an answer from this line. My brother wouldn’t dare ignore my calls.

“This must be my unlucky day. First, your wife, now you,” he groans in greeting.

“You spoke to my wife?” I seethe.

“Just hung up with her. She needs a favor.”

“Why does my wife think it’s okay to ignore my calls. Yet, you have spoken to her?”

Hermano, I don’t get in the middle of you and your wife. I told you I didn’t think it was a good idea from the beginning—”

“I’m not asking you for advice, Manny,” I say cutting him off. “You can let my wife know that if I don’t hear from her before the New Year she is cut off.”

“Cristó, isn’t that a bit harsh,” he groans.

“She knows the deal. She wants to play these games. I will play. Make sure she gets my message.”

I hang up, tossing my phone on my desk and rise from my seat. I glare at my assistant, failing to reel in my temper. I’ve had enough.

“If she is not here by the holidays prepare for me to go to the States,” I demand.

“You would run after her?” Alonso says with a hint of disapproval.

“Who the fuck are you questioning? Have a sold my huevos and sent out an invitation for you all to fuck me?”

“I just—”

“You will just do what I say. Christmas. I head for the States if she is not here by Christmas,” I bark. I straighten my suit jacket and start out of my office. I’m still muttering to myself as I walk out of the door. “Who the fuck do they all think they’re playing with.”


Hope you are ready for Cristo ... Coming very soon...


What's Next!

Well, we'll just have to wait for the next cover reveal, won't we?


Don't forget to Pre-order the Kings of Knights!

I'm still aiming for that list with this one. I can still use your help on iBooks and Nook. What a wonderful birthday gift, right? I need your help to do it though. This title will be available on Amazon next month, but I can't meet my goal if I don't get the numbers on the other two vendor sites. This requires teamwork and you are my team!

Thank you in advance! ??????




I have a cool giveaway for you. Or two!

As you may know, Kyle's Reveal will be released on April 16, 2019! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. LOL

It's my first traditional published book and it's a name pen name, but I assure you, it's the same pen game if not better. (I think better. ROTF!)

I'm already finishing book 2 in this series so you can look out for that at the end of the year. Beau's Redemption book 2 is shaping up to be one of my favorites as well. I'm spreading my wings. LOL


You can pre-order your copy of Kyle's Reveal: My Brother's Keeper Collection: Book One now at Amazon or Dreamspinner Press.


Win a Kindle...


In honor of Kyle's release, I'm doing live kindle giveaways next month.  Yup, I will draw the winner live on release day. Enter for a chance to win.

The drawing will be on April 16, 2019, during the release day party for Kyle's Reveal. Follow the link to like, share with hashtag #KylesReveal.

Every time you share a post with the hashtag your name is entered to win. You can look for the hashtag posts on my social media as well to share for more entries! The more you share, the more chances to win! Good luck!



Want more giveaways. Follow the Kings! You can also find more exciting giveaways for Kyle's Reveal too, just click here!


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