Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE

Welcome to January of Twenty-Twenty Blue. There's so much to be excited about. Giveaways, books, readathons, Trivia Hunts, Lives, magazine issues. Paranormal romance. I'm taking a different approach to this year to get back to what I love.

How about some updates.

If you're not following me on social media. You've probably missed my Monday updates. So I'll get you up to speed. 

1. I did start back at the readathon. I'm up to Hush 2. I thought I'd be ready to write in these spin-offs, but my husband thinks he's so darn smart. He said to me, no. You need to get to Ballers 2 before you can start. Ugh! He was right. I forgot he knows the books so well.

2. I'll continue to read through and outline missing books as I go. It's like they are raising their hands as I read through.

3. I contacted the publisher for the Blackhart Series. I now know what I can do with the covers for the last two. However, I've commissioned a surprise book and the entire Kings of New York Series. I think I've tapped that Designer out. I don't know if I can get on anyone else's schedule before April. The last two books have been talking so I'm placing them on the list. Fingers crossed for covers.

4. Health wise I'm in a much better place. I'm praying to stay there. I bind all nonsense in God’s name.

5. All mail that had to go through the Post Office went out Monday. If you ordered from my site or won something last month, it’s on the way.

6. At least 5 more Blue ribbon Brothers Black sets will go out by Friday, weather permitting. It looks like the last of the books will come in by the 16th. Hopefully sooner. I’ll sign and tie them up ASAP.

7. We’re going to have some fun this year. Starting January 4th I posted a clue for you to note for safekeeping and will do so every Tuesday. At the end of the year, you should have 52 clues. This is a way to get to know me and to win an awesome prize in the end. The person to answer with the most complete answers first wins. I’ll be posting parts of the grand prize over the next 12 months. I’ve even created a journal for you guys to keep your clues in. Get Journal Here.

If you are anything like me. You have notebooks for things and never remember which notebook is for what. Or you write things in a million places and spend hours looking for the things you wrote down. This journal will help to have all your clues with in reach. They come with lines, without lines, and spiral spined with lines. Click the dropdown for options.

8. We will have monthly themes that my books will surround. For the Month of January, the theme is Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE.

9. Stay tune to see what January’s books will be.

10. We’re still going to to do the read and sip. I just haven’t figured out when. I’ll let you guys know soon so you can make plans to be there with me.

11. I’m working on the next issue of the magazine. It will be up sometime this month.

12. Let’s get ready for Twenty-Twenty Blue. Yes, I said Twenty-Twenty Blue. I’m here to make a statement this year. For His Glory I AM Blue Saffire. I’m walking in my blessings and my full vibration.

Let’s Go!!!

January Contest

Now for your opportunity to enter your name for a chance at the monthly giveaway. This month's theme and giveaway are called Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE and there's a $10.00 gift card.

Enter Here

Well, that's me for now. If you have questions email me at TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com. I'll answer as soon as I can.

With love,


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