New Release Coming August 4th

Hey Guys!!

I'm so excited about August! I have two releases coming in this month. August 4th In Deep from the Blackhart Series will be out. On August 11th Brothers Black 7 will follow!

That's right back to back releases!












Snippet from In Deep 




I drag a hand through my hair. My stomach feels sour. The room has a stillness that doesn’t feel right.

Looking around the basement of my home, none of the gym equipment has been able to lure me into the abyss I require. There’s been no escaping my thoughts. Something is off.

I never should have pushed her so hard. Yet, I don’t think this is about our fight. My gut tells me something is wrong. No matter how mad Dem gets with me, she still makes sure I know she’s okay.

Replaying our fight, I try to see if our words were heated enough to warrant her ignoring my calls and not checking in. I work my jaw. From the beginning, it was clear things would be complicated between us, but we’ve come so far.

It’s the reason I lost my cool this time. I want more. I want her in every way. I want a future.

Thinking back on it now, I feel like shit. It wasn’t the time to argue with her. It was an asshole move on my behalf. Now I’m not sure if she hasn’t called because of it or if something else is wrong.

“Fuck,” I bellow and punch the heavy bag in front of me.

I shove both hands in my hair and throw my head back. I have to make a decision. My instincts are telling me the clock is ticking and I need to make a move.

The PI and ex-detective in me demand I go with my gut. The sound of paws on the steps draws my attention. Sunny, Dem’s pit bull, ambles down the stairs and over to me.

I squat in front of him and scratch behind his ears. Sunny whimpers and looks up at me. I get the feeling he knows something’s wrong with his mommy too.

“She’s not avoiding me is she, boy? Mum’s in trouble, isn’t she?”

Sunny barks as if responding to me. I tug my phone from my pocket and pull up the one person I know will help me see this clearly. We need to act fast and think faster.

“Aye, Kevin. What about ye?” Quinn answers the line with a smile in his voice.

My heart sinks.


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