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Perceptive Illusions Magazine Issue 5

Hey! Told you guys we had something new coming soon!


Here is issue number 5 with a cover reveal inside for Blue Saffire's upcoming release In Deep, Book 2 in the Blackhart Brothers Series. Which you can preorder now! If you have read Quinn, you don't want to miss this and if you haven't read Quinn what are you waiting for.

There's a contest inside and so much more.



Ready for In Deep? Preorder now!


  • T Dixon

    Just wondering if you are going to do a series on the children of the Legally Bound crew, especially Sammy and the rest of LaSalle and Monique.

    • Blue Saffire

      Sammy is Hush 4. I still have so many adults to get through before I focus on the kids. I do have other worlds I want to write about not connected to this one.

    • Blue Saffire

      You don’t need to be a member to read the blog. Just click on blog. Ignore the drop-down. That’s for something else.

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