What’s Next!

I often get emails and messages asking me for release dates. I hate giving release dates because life is soooo disrespectful. When I make plans life makes other plans that have nothing to do with my plans.


This year’s goal is to take better care of me and get back to turning books consistently. That being said I have a stack of postcards. One for every book I need to write. When a book is done I can chuck the postcard and move to the next.


I’m also going through edits for the entire backlist. You will see them appearing on Amazon one by one. You will also notice new covers as well as I level up.


Something else that many of you have emailed and asked me about will appear this year. Blue Saffire’s paranormal romance will be in your hands in 2019!! So freaking excited.


For those of you that don’t know…, I’ve also become Author Royal Blue. Yay!! I’ll be publishing Male/Male romance with Dreamspinner Press starting this April! April 16, 2019, to be exact. Kyle’s Reveal will be released and it is PURE FIRE!!! I love that book so hard. It is ROMANCE and all things good about the books I love to write.


Discipline. That’s what I’m after. Discipline in my health and in my career. I’m staying the course to reach for the stars.


So what next? I’m ticking off goals with my peeps that have decided to take this ride with me! You! My awesome friends and readers. Let’s see what we can get into.


Stay tuned. She’s on a mission and up to a whole lot.


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