My Birthday Wish!

Hey everyone!!


I have a birthday wish and you my awesome friend can make it come true. July 16th 2019 has the potential to be EVERYTHING!


Why? I’ll tell you!

I’ve always loved writing Paranormal romance, but I’ve never published one of my paranormal series because I’m hold my babies so tight. However, this year I’m going to release my first paranormal series!!! The Immortal Iron Brothers Series. The prequel to book one and book one will be out in July.


But that’s not the most amazing part. King of Past the prequel will be out July 16th as the first book in a box set that’s aiming for the USA Today Bestsellers list! This is where I’m asking you to help me reach for my dream. It’s a win win. You get over 25 for a list of diverse others and you get to give me the most awesome birthday gift ever!!!


Here’s the thing. I need your help on Nook, iBooks and coming soon Amazon!


I’m super excited about this series. They are demigods and warlocks that lead a motorcycle club in the present. Oh, but there is so much more going on with these brothers. They are going to give the Blacks a run for their money. LOL


Here’s what awesome! You will want to read this amazing beginning before jumping into King of Knight Book One, which will be released right after. Kendrick is going to set the pages on fire literally!


Will you please bless me with this birthday wish? I never ask for anything. Like seriously, I give more than I ask. However, I need your help to make this dream a reality!


Think about it. That’s only $.99 to help me reach my goal and you get over twenty books in one! And we have a few offers for you! Check out the giveaways below, which include a chance to win a $50.00 gift card or you can get 17 books now on top of the 25 in the boxset when it releases!


Oh and I’ve given you a snippet of the “Kings of Past.”


Can I count on you? Less than a dollar per platform. If you can do them all…AWESOME! If you can only do one or two…THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!


This summer is going to be super-hot! And because of you, my birthday will be even better!!!


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Snippet from Kings of Past: Immortal Iron Brothers Series


Placing a hand on her thigh as her long limbs dingle from my sides, I look into my loves eyes. The feel of her skin beneath my palms is warm but soft. I can also feel the pulsing of her power that lies locked away deep within.

“What?” She pants.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Um.” She make the sound in the back of her throat.

I’ve held our bodies levitating high above the ground inside her small quarters for hours as we’ve made love. I prefer it up here when in the confines of her home. This modest living is beneath her, but Venus insists on remaining in this village with the people she’s come to call her own.

I can see the greed and hatred the villagers can harbor in their hearts. They blame the Gods for everything when they abuse the offerings they’ve been given. Taking always taking, not many multiply of their own will or kindness.

Not like Venus and her sisters. They remain here to give to the people, to offer them hope. It is what draws me to her. Her kindness and care—the pureness of her heart.

“You do not believe in your beauty?” I say, lifting a brow.

My eyes drop to at her sweat soaked breasts, tugging a smile from my lips. Venus has the curves of a goddess. I’ve loved on them enough to know they feel as wonderous as they look. At times, I can’t believe she thinks she’s a mere mortal.

I’ve long ago observed the true about my love. Is she more mortal than not? Yes.

However, I have no doubts that she is an enchantress with the spell she has me under. I don’t complain. I’d spend eternity under her whim.

I have grown to love this beautiful creature. If I feel this way for her. I cannot imagine how I would feel for my true mate.

“I may not be your mate to hear your thoughts, Kendrick, but they color your face.” Her breathless voice breaks into my thoughts.

Venus rolls her whiskey colored eyes and purses her lush lips. Planting her small palms on my bare chest, she unseats herself from my length. The action causes a groan to push from my lips as I slip free of her warm body.

Her bottom half lifting and straightening gracefully until her long brown legs point up towards the Gods. My lips lift higher in the corners as she dismounts from my body, landing on the dirt pack floor like a cat on the on the balls of her feet.

“Have you ever thought that maybe your father didn’t want you to have a bond mate?” Venus asks bitterly.

I sit up at the waist to look down at her as her naked hips sways. The smooth skin of her body calls to me. I have yet to have my fill. I go to beckon her return, but Venus confirms this is done.

Her hand lifts and a fiery staircase appears. My head falls back as laughter spills from my lips. I stand to my feet, slowly descending the stairs. With each step I take, the flames extinguish beneath the soles of my feet. My own magic frosting each step effortlessly.

I reach the ground and fold my arms over my chest,  grinning at her stubbornness. Her back is still to me, my eyes sweep over her. Devouring every curve with my vision, I wonder how I’ve lived this long without her.

“You and I know my father has not been that gracious. He allows me the immortality of a god but left me to forever be bound to the blood of my warlock ancestors. I will fall to the curses of my mother’s bloodline just as every king has. It is just a matter of when,” I grumble, the humor leaving my voice as I think of the vulnerabilities I’ve cursed for centuries.

“My poor king,” she purrs.

Sauntering forward, I wrap my arms around her waist from behind. Burying my face in her woven locks, I’m tempted to release the intricate hairstyle with the wave of my hand just to see it wild and free. Yet, my love tossed flames at me the last time I did.

Instead, I shift my head to nuzzle her sweaty neck. I flick my tongue out to taste the salt of her skin. She begins to wiggle in my hold.

“You mock me.” I state, it’s not a question.

“I do not. You speak of your bloodline as if it is a curse. I see something different. Something invaluable,” she replies, her voice softening.

“Tell me, little one. What is it you see that is so invaluable about my fate?”

“You see? You call it your fate with such disdain. You come from a people of power. Every man is born a king, every woman a queen. I am a mere witch of study and conjuring. You have true power—”

I cut her off.

“We have power until humans figure out how to use us for this same power you envy. I am not a man to be controlled. Yet, it is my fate to someday fall into enslavement. I do not see the glory or honor in this. We are kings and queens in name and name only.”

I don’t tell her that she’s is no simple witch of conjuring. I have held this fact to myself. I fear the consequence of others knowing what I know.

“You and your brothers have avoided enslavement thus far. Perhaps you will continue to,” she says, hope ringing clearly in her voice.

“My brothers avoid it by going into slumber. What life is that? To live but not live. I want to live, to taste, to feel the energy of the earth,” I reply.

She releases a breath. I take notice of the sag in her body. We’ve spoken of my brother’s choice before. I cannot, will not, lie in rest for centuries in hopes of never becoming a slave.

“Again, it could be against your father’s will.”

Turning in my arms she looks up at me. I can see how much she wants this to be true. We both know she is not my mate. If my mate were to appear it would be the ruining of what we have.

“Perhaps,” I say to appease her.

A smile brightens her face, taking over her features. It is too beautiful for me not to capture her lips. I begin to ascend to return to our lovemaking, but she breaks the kiss.

“No, Kendrick,” she giggles, shaking her head at me. “I have to tend to the people.”

“Your sister is a healer. The other two give wise counsel just as you do. You can take a day off,” I huff.

“My sister Annaniah is still learning to heal. Khadijah and Zandra will have the village in tatters with their antics. You want me to leave the people to them,” she says, lifting a questioning brow.

Lowering us back to our feet, I release her. I exhale deeply. Her younger sisters are too mischievous for their own good. They also are not half as powerful as their older sister. The girls have power, but Venus is unmatched.

I believe she could stand her ground against one of my cousins’ strength and she would survive. Her cunning mind would be her advantage. Venus wields her magic with a wisdom of old. It is stunning to watch.

Venus summons both of our robes, the silk fabrics draping each of us, proving me right about her graceful strength. Mortal witch or not, she has mastered her gifts and talent. I reach to run the back of my fingers down her face.

“I will walk with you to sanctuary,” I say.

“You scare them,” she says. “They can sense your power. They know you’re not like us.”

“They have nothing to fear. I have always been a peaceful being,” I reply with a groan.

“Are we lying now?”

I love the sparkle in her eyes. It reminds me of the day I met her. She intrigued me then and continues to do so now.

“No lies have been told.”

“Surely, my love. They have not,” she purrs with a wink. “Perhaps you should return this evening. My duties will be done and I’ll be able to give you all of my attention.”

“Ah, yes, you are speaking a language I love to hear,” I reply, tugging her into my arms.

“Kendrick,” she says in warning.

“I only intend to embrace you for a moment.”

My brows knit. I felt it earlier, but I thought I could be mistaken. There is a current of power coming from her. It’s as if it’s not her own. It’s faint but it’s there.

Just as quickly as it comes, it’s gone. I look into her eyes, searching. Venus has never dealt in black magic. Her soul doesn’t bare it’s marks. Yet, for her to harness another’s magic that would be exactly what she would have to be involved in.

“What?” She asks warily.

“It’s nothing,” I reply.

I’ve been training more lately. It’s possible that I’m omitting power into her. That would explain a lot. I’ll have to be more careful.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I reply and peck her lips. “Get ready. I will walk you.”

“So stubborn,” she replies, shaking her head.




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