A Million To Stay And Things you need to Know!

Hey, welcome back. That get right into this!

A Million to Stay

Drumroll, please! Today you can get your copy of A Million to Stay from the A Million to Blow Series!! I love this one. It's a bit different but it do just what I wanted.

Here is a book description...


I knew she was the one from the first time I saw her in that coffee shop. Time, age, life just made it impossible for us to be together. I thought I was the one making all the hard decisions and sacrifices in our relationship. In the end, my sacrifices amount to nothing and now I have to call on every power that be to make things right with the only woman for me. That is if our secrets don’t burn us to ashes first.   



I just don’t have it in me to love him again. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. This just won’t end well.


This week was full of ups and downs. While I'm well into this book I had planned for February I totally missed Valentine's day and the month of February had come to an end. But we know I'm not ordinary or normal sooo maybe a leprechaun will pop up in this book because it's coming out this year regardless. ?????St. Patrick move over, Cupid is coming to chill with you. 



I give you my sincere apologies, but I WILL NOT be in the two box sets that I had previously mentioned I'd be featured in. I had to pull my titles. Which means that when they go live on release day my books will not be inside.

I will still be publishing the titles independently. Maybe sooner than later. Still thinking on that. However, I wanted you to know that my books WILL NOT be in the sets.

The Immortal Iron Brothers will still be summer releases. I'm toying with releasing the Prequel Two weeks early. Again, a lot to think about. Book one will still release on July 16, 2019, as planned and is still on pre-order. I will not change that. Although, you may want to get it for the sale price of .99.

I thank you for supporting me. Remember, the books I wrote will be released, just not in either of those sets.

I still have the same goal for USAT just going about it differently.


Giveaway Winners from February

Congratulations to

Martha Ruff and Jennifer Darling!

Please email me at TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com or inbox me on FB to collect your prize.








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