Get Ready For Twenty-Twenty Blue

Happy Holidays, my friend. Are you following me on social media? Facebook and Instagram to be exact. Well, if not, you might want to. I'm about to make 2022 one of the best years yet.

I'm not officially back, but I wanted to prepare you over the next few days for just one of the things I've planned. January 4th, 2022 the day after I return from vacation is National Trivia Day. Which works out really cool as I have an awesome idea for us to have some fun in 2022.

Starting on Tuesday the 4th. I'll be posting clues once a week. Each week you will note the clue I give and at the end of 2022, I'll post a list of Trivia questions which if you take good notes you will have all the answers to.

The person with the most completed answers will win. It's a big prize. I'll reveal pieces of it throughout the year as well. If you know what was given at my retreats, just know this is ten times better and all you have to do is follow, take notes, and answer at the end of the year.

Are you ready for Blue's 2022 Trivia Hunt? (Hehehe, my own Blue's Clues)

Note: This is a huge one I don't know if I can justify sending it overseas. For one, some of my author friends are having trouble shipping out to you for less than $100.00 for a single book. So this is US only EXCEPT for AK. However, I do have something coming for all my overseas readers. You will not be forgotten. More fun to come for 2022. I'm excited.

If you want to create a dedicated notebook for your notes and clues here is a Blue Saffire Journal. You have three options. Blank with no lines to write on, Line and Spiral lined. Make sure to click the drop down for your preference. 

Get Journal here

I'll also have monthly themes in 2022.

We'll be starting with Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

If you're not on the mailing list, sign up now and get Work Husband to read now. Then each month you will get a chance to enter to win the theme of the month book(s) and a $10.00 gift card. 

However, if for some reason you can't get your email through (do check your spam first for the confirmation email), but in the event, you have a problem with your email. Never fear, you can come here to my website to check for the opportunity to enter.

The books I release will follow the themes of the month. Want to know what those books will be? Stay tuned. I have a lot in the works.

A new magazine is on the way. 

Let's get ready for Twenty-Twenty-Blue. 

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