March Updates

Wow. Two months gone already. I'm not mad. I have gotten two extra books in and Ox is finished. I'm still on schedule technically. At this pace I'll have a few more surprises for you guys this year. 

While I'm doing well with writing, I have fallen behind on clues. I'm looking to get caught up this weekend. I've said that for the last three weeks and something has come up each time. Wish me luck. 

So, here's a look at where we are from your view so far. I'm choosing not to share the books that will be surprise additions until they are fully formed and in progress. 

You just saw me mention Ox and you can see he's no longer on the graphic. That's because he's off with the proofreader. He will go to my final readers as soon as he returns. 

I'm in Kelex now. I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes. 

I am still up to clue #5 in the 2023 Trivia Hunt. I'll post missing clues one a day until I catch up. I felt my focus needed to stay with the books so they didn't fall off schedule and I could add in a few titles I've been asked for. 

I've started the grand prize with $30.00 in Amazon gift card per winner. There are also 2 more additions. Two books per winner. Razor and Beautiful Beast. Remember this year there will be 3 U.S. winners. One from FB, one from Instagram, and one from Tik Tok. 

Grand Prize so far:

1. $30.00 in Amazon Gift cards. 

2. Signed copies of Razor, Beautiful Beast.

I post a new clue every Friday on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. If life gets in the way and I miss a clue on Friday, which it has it usually goes up before the following Friday. I'm working to get a handle on this.  Only 48 clues to go. 

If you haven't gotten your journal to hold your clues in for the end of the year. Here is the link. 

Here's where I let you know what's been happening in the social Media updates. Just in case you're not following. 

1. I’m still at various places in about 3 books. My outlines are working, working, to move me along.

2. Production for My Best Friend’s Wish is about to start. Yay!! I have to get the character list done send over. Which I did. 

3. I’m behind on clues. I’ll catch up this week. I’m working so hard. I’ll get it done.

4. I placed the order for the signing books. I’m now working on Swag.

5. I’ll hit the Post Office this week with all the backed up book mail. It’s a lot they may fight me. LOL

6. I’m still working on the magazine. I had a decision to make and I wanted to see my pace for the first few months. Now I can do what I planned.

Hoping to get you some release dates soon. I’m working. 💙

Would you like to know about my next release? Well, technically, it's Ox book 5.However, I do believe you will see Dane very close to it if not right before. So here's more about Dane and Nina. 

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Blue Saffire Copyright © 2023 

Unedited. This is subject to change. 


Burying the Dead


“Thanks, brother.” 

“No problem. You got this from here? I’m dog tired. If you don’t need anything else, I’m headed out,” I say to Bash. 

“You’re good, brother. Good not seeing you.”

I grunt and nod. Yeah, this night never happened. Budda got what was a long time coming. I, for one, can’t say I’ll miss him or feel sorry for him. 

I turn for my bike and toss a leg over it. Sometimes being the club’s enforcer can take its toll. Right now, I need a shower and a good eight hours of sleep. 

However, the moment I start my bike, my phone rings. I growl and pull it from my pocket to answer. Seeing it’s Trip, I groan. I get the sinking feeling I’m not about to get any sleep. Damn. 

“Yo, brother, what’s up?” I answer the call. 

“Prez needs you to handle something.”

“I’m listening.”

“Sure Shot is on her way in for that garbage that went out. Gonna need you to pick her up from her flight and explain the situation before she gets here to the house. Razor says if she has a price, we’ll pay it.”

“I feel you. Give me the flight information. I’m on it,” I say with a tired grin. 

I have a thing for New York City as we all call her around Candice. Nina aka Sure Shot and I have crossed paths plenty of times. Razor has been calling her in for jobs since he and Bones uncovered her little side gig. 

She’s hot as fuck and lethal. A combination I can’t resist. And still, I haven’t gotten her in my bed. Not that I haven’t wanted or tired to. Nina runs from me like I’m the plague. 

At first, I thought it was because she didn’t want her cousin to know her secret. Needing to maintain my own cover, I’ve kept my distance. 

I lick my lips rethinking that decision. It’s been a while since someone has gained my attention. It might be time I chase Sure Shot down and show her I’m a straight shooter if there ever was one.  

“Just sent you a text, brother. You be careful out there,” he chuckles and hangs up. 

I put my phone away and smile. I might just have my second wind. Time to head home for a shower and my cage. I have a killer to pick up. 


I toss another pair of jeans into my suitcase. There aren’t many things that can make me loss my cool. However, fucking with my family, especially Candice and those girls, will have me blow your head off and ask questions later. 

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time Raphaël has used up a great deal of my patience. I mean, is the man stupid or is he dumb? I know my value. I’m not about to allow anyone to devalue me. 

I walked the moment he started to show his ass. I could give two sniffs of a funky ass cheek who he or his family are connected to. I stick around here, he’s going to find that out first hand. 

My phone rings on my dresser. I walk over and peek at it. Lips pursed, I roll my eyes. This motherfucker. It’s best I ignore him. 

“Say your prayers, bitch. I’m giving you a chance to come to your senses,” I mutter. “Fucking with my business. I ought to body your ass for that shit alone.” 

I roll my shoulders. This fool wants me to snap. In his mind, if he can’t have me, no one can. His blood on my hands is a set up. 

Picking up my gun, I cock it and aim as my phone starts to ring again. I sigh. “You know I can’t block you, so you’re going to keep at it, aren’t you?” 

Why do I get myself into this crazy shit? Raphaël was fine as a motherfucker with all that New York swag and refined presence. My dumb ass threw all caution out the window. Contract or not, I had to have a taste. 

Now I have a foul, bitter ass taste in my mouth. Ugh, I’ve learned the hard way, business and pleasure don’t mix. That will be the last time I cross that line. A clause is a clause for a reason. 

Raphaël’s daddy knows he’s crazy. His son doesn’t have enough sense to fear me, his entitlement makes him think he’s truly invincible. His contract was protecting me. Sorry I figured that out too late. 

Placing my gun in the case and locking it, I zip my suitcase and move it by the door. Feeling bone tired, I fall back on my bed and stare up at my ceiling. 

“How did I get here?” 

I blow out a breath and tug at my hair. Why can’t I find a normal relationship? 

Because you’re picky and you kill people for a living, and you’re emotionally unavailable. Just how do explain all that to a normal guy? 

You don’t. First thing I learned when I got into the business. Say less, live long. 

“Fuck,” I scream as my phone rings again. 

Now for our Winner for the February winner. 

Lysette Lam

I'll be shipping your book to the address you provided. Congratulations. 

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Well, that's me for this month. Hope to see you soon with release dates. Happy reading, my friend. Sending love and hugs.  

With love, 


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