FAQ Update 2023

So I've answered a ton of questions about books and what's coming, but I'm still getting questions. I'm trying to make a list so I can update at least once a month. We should all keep in mind that I'm one person with one brain and two hands. I'm still a wife and I have a household to run. My books are not small and any book apart of a larger world will take more time to get through.

I will always give quality over rushing to say I did something. That's not my style. What takes me hours and months, you guys devour in hours. Please be kind in understanding that it takes time and there is life.

The A**hole Club Series

I am working on this series now to bring it to a close. I'm closing out Book 5: Ox. I want to give you all an epic ending to this series and I have a bonus planned as a thank you for your patience. While reworking the ending to the series and writing Ox. I saw something I'd like to bring to you. I'll tell you more about it later this year.

The Blackhart Brothers Series

I've been asked how to find the last two books?

Here is the answer to this question. So I left the publisher for the first two books in the series. I wasn't allowed to publish another from the series for a year. I then acquired the rights back to all four books and decided to re-release books one and two when books three and four are complete.

I now just have to find a hole in my schedule to fit writing the last books in. I'm looking for a place this year but as some know I'm not trying to injury my hands again and I have a full house for the year as it is. However, when I finish the workload I set for 2023, this series is up next. I will release them one book a week until they are all out. Thank you for your patience.

Black Bella

I was asked about the final two books in the Black Bella series. This series was one of my first books if not my first. I'm a much different author. I think that's where the disconnect with the characters is coming from. My hope is that when I go to clean the first book up with new edits, the series will speak up.

I also don't have the last two covers so that might be the problem as well. However, I'm not buying anymore covers until I publish the over 100 I have. So if that's the problem, it is what it is for now. LOL

Lost Souls

Although the Lost Souls SC and Georgia Chapter series is completely outlined. My year filled up before I could add any of them. Allow me to see what I can handle this year and I'll add them in after the Blackhart brothers. I need a little time to figure out how I'm going to tie in the NY and LA chapters. I also need to move the Love Notes Series and Lost to Amazon as it all connects. These books all go before Kelvar, book 8.

Destiny Series

There's one more book. I'm hoping to get it in during an opening. It's outlined. I have at least three books not on the list that I want to fit into my downtime writing. This is one.


I've been asked where's Caleb's brother's book?

Carmen's book will appear as Baller's Book 3 of the Ballers Series. This is on my 2023 list already and has been talking for the last two years. I'll be happy to get to it. I have a playlist I have to avoid because Carmen likes to talk to it.

Immortal Iron Brothers

This series will come out this year, 2023. I know, I know, I've said that before, but the outline is done and I only have 3 and a half books before them. This series is so big in concept. I'm glad I'm getting to it now in this season of my writing.

A Million to Blow Series

I've been asked if there will be more to this series. Yes, there are two more books. Cane and Wade still have books coming.

Hush Series

I've been asked about Sammy and Micheal as well as Jordan Black.

I have this series outlined but again it's a matter of timing and when I can get to it. One person, two hands, one brain. I'll get to it as soon as I clean my plate. I just want you to know I am heading for it. The Alliance will fit somewhere around these books. I'm still thinking about that part.

Be Yours Series

I was asked if there would be a book coming from this series.

This is where you will find Dr. Nobi, Mark, Gavin, and Rick from the Yours Series.

The series has been outlined, I have all the covers for this series, and I have done the re-read of the books needed for me to get to this series. However, this is also a matter of time, and the fact that I can only write one book at a time and I'm going as fast as I can.

Please, have patience and show me some grace. If I push too hard we'll have nothing. If you relax and allow me to relax this becomes easy and I move faster.

Kings of New York Series

I've been asked about Logan and Brooklyn. While I have the covers for this series and it's outlined. I have a lot of prep work to get to the writing. However, Logan is the last book in the series. That's not going to change. This is a 5 book series starting with Uncle Ronan.

The Alliance

I was asked about Misha. Yes, he gets a book but I don't have covers for his series and I'm not investing in them until I get through the over 100 I have. Unless, he starts talking to the point that I write him.

The issue is placement in the Alliance and me reconnecting with this world and it's characters. I wanted to tackle Misha after Logan. That would be the right order as far as my brain is concerned. However, my head isn't there yet so the order is still in the air.

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