Destiny 2 by Blue Saffire

Destiny 2: Decision of The Next Generation

From the time, she walked in our home I saw myself, my past, my hurts. I told Alex what would happen and I knew in my heart she would change our family forever. I just didn’t know how. I didn’t expect to fall in love with her like she was my very own daughter. I also didn’t know my heart wouldn’t be the only one she would capture.
It only took one night for me to lose everything. However, in losing it all I gained the world. A new world. When he opened the door, I didn’t know I was staring at a future I wouldn’t be able to deny. His father’s temper would be the only thing that could keep us apart, because he is his father’s son in every way. It doesn’t matter what our hearts want when the universe insists on having its way.
My name is Meliyah, they knew me as Mellie in the Towers, but I left that world behind or so I thought. It seems my Dad’s world would always tug at me no matter where I landed. I just had to decide which world I wanted to be mine. Would history repeat itself? Or could I finally find a happy ever after.