Legally Bound 5.5 Legally Unbound by Blue Saffire

Legally Bound 5.5 Legally Unbound Final installment in the Series

Legally Bound 5.5

The bomb has gone off and I am left split in two. Only now, one part of me will not survive. It’s the part that never should have been. I’m a man of instincts and that’s all I trust now. Every decision I make is because my instincts are telling me to.

Time is not on my side. I have six months until I am named Don Locatelli. Six months before the underworld takes what I’ve just done in Ireland seriously. They’re waiting. Waiting to see if I’m a real threat, that’s why they’re so silent.

They don’t know…they should have attacked when they had the chance, because now. It’s just too late. Once I make things right with my wife…we are just unstoppable.


*This is Book 5.5 in the Legally Bound Series the fifth full-length book in the tenth book series. There are five novellas that prequel this book in the bestselling Legally Bound Series. This is the conclusion, Legally Bound 5.5 Legally Unbound. Blue Saffire’s books are written to weave, loop and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series build together for a greater experience.

**This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+ 
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