Never: Lost Souls MC Book 2 in Lost Souls Series

Award winning Author Blue Saffire presents

Never: Lost Souls MC Book 1 in Lost Souls Series

Just Breathe

Gutter, a scared biker with a dark past, just wants to move forward, but is pulled back repeatedly in his own cage. As a result, he’s become a protector, not realizing he himself needs saving.

Just Inhale

Salalia needs to keep alive long enough for the Lost Soul her brother sends for her to arrive. That’s no problem. She knows how to survive, she has for as long as she can remember. Her own dark secrets threaten to overcome her at every turn, but she’ll make it as long as she keeps moving.

With Each Other

Now that they are together there will be no turning back. Besides, there is nowhere to go but forward.

*This is Book 2 in the Lost Souls Series from bestselling, award-winning author. This is the beginning of a new world with more twists and plots to come in the series and spinoffs to come.

**This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+
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