My Funny Valentine by Blue Saffire

Award winning Author Blue Saffire presents

My Funny Valentine

Love doesn’t always come in a beautifully wrapped, elegant, gilded box. Ever heard of the chipped plate or the ugly duckling? I’ve been referenced to as both. It’s fine with me. I still have no problem going after what I want. I’ve built a multi-million-dollar company, soon to be worth billions.

Yet, I still yearn for her, the one who as swept into my company to help me soar to greater heights. Talina Valentine, that’s her name, she’s as beautiful as her name implies. I never thought I had a shot with her. Not just because of my shortcomings and my damaged past. She’s had a boyfriend from the time I first set eyes on her. Now he’s gone.

One taste will change everything.

I like Chocolate, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. I’ve dated nothing but fine chocolate all my life. I thought Malcolm would be my husband with his fine self. Yet, somehow, my life has turned upside down and so has my view of it.

My boss is not my type and I never would have thought to look his way, until one day…well, one day that happened to change. Sexy comes in all forms. When it comes to Nelson Fisher, sexy has taken on an all new meaning.

It might be time to add a little cream to my coffee, even if the carton comes with a few dents.

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