Star by Blue Saffire

Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents

***Note this title was once published as Evei Lattimore. It has since been rewritten, adding the Blue Saffire heat and perceptive. It has always been edited for your enjoyment.

What’s a man without his rib? I found my better half. The woman that stood by me that held me up no matter what. Bad timing and tainted advice almost derailed it all. I was so smart, I gave the meaning a new definition and name. Stupid. But my stupidity made me grow as a man so I’ll make it all right. If she lets me.

He’s a distraction if I've ever seen one. Tall dark and handsome and he moves like he knows he can rule the world. I don’t have time for a boyfriend and this one right here…Yeah, I know he’ll turn my world upside down. Yet, I can’t help but reach out to touch the flaming stardust and boy, do I get burned. He’s a good man, but his choices don’t just haunt him they have the power to ruin us. My greatest challenge in life… wielding the strength to reach for a star.

*This a standalone AA novel and can be read all on its own.
This is the read order for the best experience.

Legally Bound 1
Legally Bound 2: Against the Law
Legally Bound 3: His Law
Perfect For Me 1
Hush 1: Family Business
Ballers 1: His Game
Brothers Black 1: Wyatt the Heart Breaker
Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love
Hush 2: Slow Burn
Legally Bound 5.0: Sam
Ballers 2: His Final Play
Legally Bound 5.1: Tasha Illegal Dealings
Brothers Black 2: Noah the Beast
Legally Bound 5.3 & 5.4
Where the Pieces Fall
Brothers Black 3: Toby the Protector
Brothers Black 4: Braxton the Charmer
Brothers Black 5: Felix the Watch coming soon ….