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Hey you guys!

So sorry it's been so long since my last blog. I'm working with a ton of things on my plate and I needed to get the A**hole Club releases back on track.

Some of you may not know that a couple of our authors were sick and we had to make up time after. This derailed a lot of things and I'm cleaning up the aftermath.

No worries. Everyone has recovered and they are feeling great. We are actually wrapping up this project and moving to the next. 3 out of the 6 books are live and available on Amazon and book 4, Deacon is on its way to the proofreader.

I also promised to repost the books to come and which heroes would be featured.

Note: There are no release dates. I have to go back and read a lot of books to get the world I want completed. I also don't want to say what's next as the last two years have taught me life happens and I need to take care of home when it does and even when the sky isn't falling.

So here's what you can look forward to from the Legally Bound Spin-offs once I get all my ducks in a row and finish my re-reads.

Hush Series

Hush 3 Michael

Hush 4 Sammy (Yes, Sam's son!)

Kings of New York Series





Cali Smoke Series

Nelson Nash



The Alliance Series




Ballers Series

Ballers 3 Cameron

Ballers 4 Ellerie

Lost Hearts Series

Wild Hearts Book Novella Trevor

Pieces of Trevor's Heart Book 2 Trevor

Parker (part 2)


Be Yours Series (Spinoff from Yours Series)

Her Doctors Orders Book 2 Doctor Nobi

Meant to Be Yours Book 3 Mark

Made to Be Yours Book 4 Gavin

Need to Be Yours Book 5 Rick

Finally as not to overwhelm you. I will share that I'm working on getting the next two Lost Souls in your hands. Books 2 and 3, Never and Always should be out in May 2021. These books have been totally overhauled and will be a super different.

I have a lot going on so we are going to see what happens as far as dates.

Here's the order of Lost Souls Books. Again, no release dates. I'll announce when they are coming as soon as I can.

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Well, for now, I'll see you soon.


  • Karen Maloy

    Hi Blue,

    Looking forward to all your future books. Especially Logan, Brooklyn, and Michael’s !
    I hope you can weave Uncle Thomas & Olivia’s story in one of them. That would be a nice bonus, Just Sayin 😉 !

    FFL (FanFoLife )

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