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My birthday is coming. Yay. July 16. In celebration, I'm doing two giveaways on Facebook. In the Sisterhood of Perceptive Illusions group and on my author page, I'm giving away a Coach bag and wallet, a $25.00 Amazon gift card, Signed copies of the Work Husband Series. That's one giveaway in each place. This is just my way of saying thank you for your support.  

I don't want anyone to feel left out so I'm working on a few other things. Be on the lookout for a few more emails this month.

Well, we're in July and I ran into a wall trying to finish two books last month. I only got one out. A Million to stay was an emotional write. I couldn't fly through the subject matter and that thing we call life was being rude. 
I'm still working on The Ones Left Behind. I almost wish I wrote at least one more book for this series, but I'm going to get this thing wrapped up tight. 

Life is throwing a lot at me. Bear with me as I get through this one. 

I'll move to the A**hole Club after this book. I need to rethink how this all fits together. The changes to the line-up will affect the last two books. I haven't been able to fully think it out yet, but I'll get to it as soon as my brain releases this other series. 

I'm a little behind, but I'm still shooting for both books this summer. 

I am up to clue #27 in the Trivia Hunt. 25 clues to go. I'm so excited for the grand prize winner. So far I have revealed the following as part of the Grand Prize:

1. $30.00 in Amazon Gift cards. 

2. Work Husband graphic lens clothes.

3. Bookmarks Pit, Kelex, Work Husband graphics. 

4. Signed Books: Wicked Prince Charmings, Remember Me, Broken Soldier, Where the Pieces Fall, Unexpected Lovers, My Best Friends Wish, A Black Christmas, Pit, A Million to Blow and A Million to Stay.

5. Blue Saffire Tote bag. 

6. Where the pieces Fall, Wyatt, and Doctor Feel Good Keychains.

And still so much more to come. Stay tuned. You can find the clues on Facebook and Instagram.

I post a new clue every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram. If life gets in the way and I miss a clue on Tuesday it usually goes up before the following Tuesday. Only 25 clues to go. 

If you haven't gotten your journal to hold your clues in for the end of the year. Here is the link. 

Not following me on Social Media? Let me tell you what you are missing. I give updates every Monday. Here's what's happening as of late.  

1. I’m in full force writing The Ones Left Behind. Awww, I’m gonna make y’all all kinds of mad. But stick with me. This all ties up beautifully. A method to all my madness.

2. “Ox” is next. He’s answering questions I need to know. Still need to figure out how he fits. I’ll get there.

3. The A Million to Blow Series has moved to Amazon. Books 1 and 2 are there. These are totally different from the original 2018 and 2019 versions. Books 3 & 4 are first on my next books list. I'm still moving through list 1 of 9. 

4. As soon as the third Work Husband book is complete, I’ll secure the appointments for the audio books. The Work Husband Series will be the first I have produced.

5. Still working on the magazine. I wanted to offer a reader a chance to ask me up to 10 questions. I can leave it anonymous or you can send your first name, state and two to three line bio. Send questions and info to TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com

6. My appointment for the Blackhart covers has moved to September. All four will happen at once. Books 1 and 2 were pulled from Amazon and all other retailers in ebook format. The first two books are getting new covers. I’m trying to see where I can fit the last 2 to complete the series. I’m thinking of releasing them all at once.

7. I'll finish the A**hole club as soon as I finish The Ones Left Behind. I’m about 3 weeks behind, but you will still get them sometime this summer.

8. I’ve started to input the edits for Legally Bound. Still working on this.

9. New ideas for things to come. I haven’t forgotten the bag and book signing. I’m working on some personal things, I’ll get to it.

No release dates. Working.

Would you like to know about my next release? It's The Ones Left Behind book 3 in the Work Husband Series.

This book is challenging me. I've written the beginning over a few times. It's a matter of what you know, what you still need to know, and what you think you know, but need to see for what it truly is. Does that make sense? This book will show it all. 

Now for a snippet from The Ones Left Behind

Cover Designed by: Natasha Snow

Blue Saffire Copyright © 2022 Unedited.

This is subject to change. 


The Root

Where it began


Don Di Lorenzo sat with the small bundle in his arms trying not to completely break down. She was gone. His Bella hadn’t survived. They didn’t get enough time together.

Never in his life did he feel more helpless. What was he to do? He kept their love a secret to keep this from happening—he couldn’t take her being gunned down in the street like his two brothers, someone was always looking to harm his family. However, fate still took his love away.

This life had been crueler to him than he’d been to any of his enemies. The one perfection, his only joy had been ripped right from his gasp and in her place was this small being.

“Ava,” he choked out. “I will name you, Ava. It’s what she would have wanted.”

He drew his daughter into his chest and vowed in his heart he’d forever protect her. His only child. There would be no sons, for he knew he would never love again. He would teach Ava their way and she would be greater than any son given the title of Don.

Che prometto sulla mia vita,” he whispered, making the promise on his life.

“Don Di Lorenzo.” Giuseppe looked up at the mention of his name.

He vaguely acknowledged his home was filled with people, the midwife, the staff, his men. His grief was so deep he didn’t want to talk to anyone. However, when his gaze landed on Marcello, he knew this was one person he couldn’t send away.

This man grieved with him. It was his loss too. Giuseppe stood with his daughter in his arms. Marcello cupped the back of Giuseppe head and kissed both of his cheeks before looking down at the baby in Giuseppe’s arms.

“Thank you for coming,” Giuseppe managed to say.

“Alessia was so full of life. This pains me greatly.”

Giuseppe gave a nod. Marcello held his arms out for the baby. It pained the new father to release her, even for a moment. Ava was the last part of Alessia he had left. However, he did hand her over to her uncle.

“Have you named her?”

“Yes, her name is Ava.”

Bella. She’s as gorgeous as her mother. Will you return to Naples?”

“I don’t know what I plan to do.”

It was the truth. Giuseppe hadn’t thought that far ahead. He and Alessia had moved to the country to live a quiet life, on the land Marcello had given them as a wedding gift—something not many knew.

Giuseppe had seen too much war, too much death in his life. He wanted a taste of the simpler things. The farm had treated their union well until that day.

At first, he thought he’d expand the business into the States. Alessia talked of wanting to go to America. He sent Riccardo to get a feel for the country and the opportunity there.

It was also his way of separating Riccardo’s ambition from what meant most too him. Riccardo had too many questions about Alessia. Giuseppe nor Marcello wanted the knowledge of their relation known to others. It was all a part of their plan once the knowledge was discovered by Don Di Lorenzo.

The two families stood to gain from the connection. Something Giuseppe felt Riccardo didn’t need to know. His consigliere had begun to make him question him and his motives.

Giuseppe hadn’t become known for his ruthlessness because he lacked smarts. He saw what no one else did. He paid attention to details. He knew he had few he could trust. Everyone wanted something.

He was starting to question how far those around him were willing to go to get what they desired. However, none of that mattered to him anymore. Greed, war, and blood weren’t going to bring his wife back.

Now…now, he had a daughter to raise.

“I think I will go back to Naples. This place holds too many memories. I’d rather it be forgotten. Maybe one day Ava can make a home on these lands for herself, but I will not return.”

“Our arrangement still stands. The land remains yours.”

“Thank you. Give me time to think through all of this. When I find a way to heal, we can talk of our plans.”

“Take your time, my friend, but I have a question.”

“Ask, I have nothing to hide.”

“How much do you trust this Esposito you allow in your ear?”

“He has his uses and purpose. My eyes are always open.”

“My sister loved you and I’ve grown to respect you. So I will tell you this. Riccardo is much like his father. He’s not to be trusted. Don’t take your eyes off him and you have done right not to tell him of our connection. Continue this path, my friend.”

“Thank you. I plan to do just that.”

Marcello kissed Ava’s forehead as she started to whimper. “I shall be her Godfather. I believe my sister would have wanted it.”

“She would have. It will be an honor.”

“Anything you need, I’m here.”

“Thank you, Marcello. I will remember this.”

Now for our Winner for the June contest themed Blue Heat. The $10.00 Amazon gift card and books (A Million to Blow and A Million to Stay.) 

Adriane Hugghis

I'll be shipping your book to the address you provided. Congratulations. 

Now for your opportunity to enter your name for a chance at the monthly giveaway. This month's theme and giveaway is called Birthday Magic and there's a $10.00 gift card. 

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Well, that's me for this time. See you soon. Thank you for your continued support. Sending love and well wishes. Happy reading. 

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