A Million to Stay is Live

Hey Friend, Once again while you were sleeping, I did a thing.  A Million To Stay is now live. 

***Warning: This title is a re-release of Blue's website exclusive A Million to Stay. It's been totally rewritten with over 150 pages of new content.

Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents 

A Million To Stay: A Million to Blow Series 


I knew she was the one from the first time I saw her in that coffee shop. Time, age, life just made it impossible for us to be together. I thought I was the one making all the hard decisions and sacrifices in our relationship. In the end, my sacrifices amount to nothing and now I have to call on every power that be to make things right with the only woman for me. That is if our secrets don’t burn us to ashes first.   


I just don’t have it in me to love him again. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. This just won’t end well. I’m damaged beyond repair…or I thought I was. 

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The Call


I sit in this hotel room warring with what to do. Looking around at the opulence and luxury, I question walking away from the only life I’ve ever known. 

However, I don’t know if the comfort of this lifestyle overrides my happiness and control over my own life. I’m tired of my father trying to control me and all my decisions. I don’t want to go into politics, and I don’t love working for him, I tolerate it. 

However, I’m not sure I’m ready for what Clayton has planned out. To walk away and start over—is that what I want at thirty-three? My thoughts go to Chloe as the sound of her splashing in the bathtub reaches me. 

If starting over means we can be together, it may just be what I need to do. My heart races. I’m truly going to ask her to do this with me. I’m going to start my life over. I’ll have nothing and I’ll be no one. Will she still want me?

My phone rings, pulling me out of my thoughts. I pick it up and see it’s my father. I’ve been avoiding his calls. I get the feeling he’s about to force my hand. He wants to start my campaign. 

“Hello, Father,” I say into the phone. 

“Clooney, I know about the girl. What are you thinking? You need to end things.” Just like him to get to the point of what he wants. Always what he wants. 

Annoyed with him calling me by my first name, I bite into my cheek and try to feign innocence when I speak. “What are you talking about, Dad?” 

“Don’t play games with me, Clooney. The girl has to go, now. She’s not the one for you. I want it over.”

I feel sick to my stomach. I’m thirty-three, not a child. Yet he has so much power over my life. I’m not this man. I can’t live with ties holding me back. I’m no one’s puppet. 

Clay’s voice in my ear starts to grow louder, whispering about breaking free. I could take Chloe and start over. When this week is over, we can board a plane and be off. 

It’s in this moment I make my decision. I will be my own man at whatever cost. 

This is such an emotional book. I hope you enjoy Chloe and Gregor.  Happy Reading. See you soon. The Ones Left Behind is next. I'll tell you more in July's email. So excited. Enjoy and please leave a review.  

With Love, 


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