Another A**hole is Out

Yes, you read that right. Another A**hole has arrived. Deacon took forever to be released by the Zon. However, it's now out and you can get your copy. I'm excited about this series. Each book is different and unique to the author.

I think you are going to love Deacon.

Get your copy now!


Yeah, I know what they call me. Hell, I’ll be honest. I’m a criminal. Well, I use to be, but you know that saying, a leopard can’t change its spots. I’ve been out of the car theft business for years, ever since that one night when everything blew up. Since then, I’ve gone legit. Opened up a business and been on the right side of the law.So when I find out my one night in Vegas is about to make me a daddy, I’m in shock. However, she doesn’t want me to be involved. I have six months to prove to Noni I can be a dad to our baby, and I can stay out of trouble. Too bad my old man is about to pull me back in the game.


I have to be perfect. The perfect daughter and the perfect fiancée. I guess my one night in Vegas is going to make that hard. I’m pregnant by a man I barely know. That’s what happens when you’re single and drunk. 
Now I have to manage this pregnancy between the man that made me feel like a Queen for one night and my fiancé who won’t let me live it down. All I want is to give this baby the life I never had.
He’s fighting to stay in his child’s life. She’s fighting for a happy family. Will either of them find what they’re looking for before their six months are up?

Rhet is up next. We have 4 down and 2 to go. Hope you're enjoying the ride. Happy reading, my friend.


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