Four Years of Blue, Something New and More to Come

Happy Blueiversary

Wow! Can you believe it! May 30th, 2019, made 4 years of publishing as Blue Saffire. During that time I've published 38 titles. Over the last four years, I've written over 40 books. That's insanely amazing and I thank God that I've been able to do this. I love what I do and the fact that I get to share this with all of you just happens to be a cherry on top.

I've listed the books below in read order. All except for Broken Soldier. They're a contest coming for a signed copy of that. Keep scrolling.

The Blue Saffire collection all started with the Legally Bound Series. If you didn't know Perfect for Me, Hush, Ballers, Brothers Black, Yours, Lost Hearts (which is the Broken Soldier and Where the Pieces Fall Series), and Home Christmas Series are all spinoffs from the Legally Bound Series. There are several more spinoffs that will make this web all come alive. It all ends with one hero you have come to know. (Wink, wink.)

Where are we going, Blue?

I get emails and messages all the time about characters and if they will have a book. I thought I'd give you guys a snapshot of how my brain works. Now, mind you these are not in order and there will be others that I'm not placing in this web because they don't circle the main story I'm building. Such as Parker's cousin from Broken Soldier. (Remember my mention of him. Keep scrolling.)

So here we go... find your book boo and remember the name of his book and series. LOL

Hush Series

Hush 3 Michael

Hush 4 Sammy (Yes, Sam's son!)


Kings of New York Series






Cali Smoke Series

Nelson Nash




The Alliance Series





Ballers Series

Ballers 3 Cameron

Ellerie (Book numer TBA)


Lost Hearts Series

Pieces of Trevor's Heart Book 2 Trevor

Parker (part 2)



Be Yours Series (Spinoff from Yours Series)

Meant to Be Yours Book 2 Mark

Need to Be Yours Book 3 Doctor Nobi

Here to Be Yours Book 4 Gavin

Only to Be Yours Book 5 Rick


Okay, Blue but what's next on Amazon?

I have the answer to that question and your probably wondering what the list above has to do with it. I can answer that too. The next release is going to introduce you to someone new BUT it's going to start to connect dots to open doors for closing out a few other series.

Series like the Brothers Black (Did you scream? LOL) As well as Hush. It will also allow me to start answering some questions you have had. Like what happened to Mark? Where's Ebony? Why does Garvin use sign language? In addition, I'll be able to open the door to Brooklyn and some others.

Here's a sneaky peeky of the cover.



Ha! I'll do a real cover reveal next week. 😉

Phew, this is a long post! Now for the Blacks!

I wasn't joking about book six ending in a cliffhanger. However, book 6 and 7 are going to release back to back. Ryan's book leads into John's. Therefore, I'm not releasing them until July/August. I have other books that release with my Sourcebooks publisher in 2020 and I have to give those attention this month. Then, I can get back to finishing the Brothers Black series and connecting the dots. Those books are beast for me. They take longer because they have to be right. I check and double check everything from all of the other books that came before. Remember me saying something about publishing 38 books. LOL.

Well dang, what else you got going on?

Well... Let me tell you one of the things that will be happening over the next few months. While the 30th was my 4 year Blue Saffire anniversary, I’ve been at this for 12 years. Knowledge is power and when you gain that power it’s important to sow back into the universe to honor that blessing.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. In December, I signed 3 amazing women to Perceptive Illusions Publishing, Inc. I’m not only publishing them but I’m also pouring everything I know into them. I’m so humbled by these women. I’m learning myself while teaching them. They say iron sharpens iron! We have such a sisterhood and laugh and cry together, all while putting together amazing books.

These women aren’t coming to play. We have sooo much going on in the background as we work tirelessly to bring you the ?you love on the pages.

I will be revealing the identities of these ladies one by one. You will get to know them and hear from them over the next 3 months. Join us live on June 25th as the first of these ladies will be live with me on Blue Saffire Radio. This is going to be hilarious. When we get together it's a blast.

OMG! Do we have something in store for you!

Who's ready?

There is still so much more to come. Registration for Blue's Queens, Divas, and Reader's retreat 2020 is open and the rooms will be available for booking on July 23, 2019. Planning is in full swing. We are going to spend my birthday weekend in the lap of luxury! I will be treating you like the queen you are. No reader wants to miss out on this. I hope to see you there.


Stay tuned for more information on the world of Blue. The summer is ours! For now, here's book 39! I have a new book out as an exclusive on my website. Here's a taste of The Fixer. Enjoy!

The Fixer

Copyright 2019 Blue Saffire

I’m Done

Black Rose

“This was the last one,” I say to my handler.

Ash. That’s the name this woman has always gone by. I know nothing about her personal life. What I do know is that the smile she always has on her red lips is just a façade.

I’m just one of her highly trained assassins. I don’t know how many there are of us. I just know when she calls, I show up wherever she says in her cryptic texts.

Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Rio, Dubai—tonight, we’re in some fancy restaurant in Paris. Normally this would be my debriefing before she hands me a new target or some time off. Not tonight.

“Are you sure? Every action has a reaction,” she says with that fake smile in place.

She’s not a friend. I’ve never allowed myself the sense of comfort she tries to offer. It’s falser than the blonde wig she’s wearing tonight.

“You said I had a choice. Those were your first words to me. ‘Make a choice kid. The choice will always be yours,’” I repeat the words she said to me so long ago.

I was sixteen when this woman walked up on me on the streets. Sixteen and starving. I had nothing and no one. She offered me that smile and a new life.

I’ve regretted that day since the first life I snatched away. After that life, I vowed I’d get out before my soul turned too black to see redemption. Although, I think I’ve passed that expiration date. Darkness is all I know.

“Yes, you do have a choice, my Rose,” she says smiling wider to show her white teeth. “We all do. I just want to make sure you make the right one. You’re a great asset to me. I will mourn your loss greatly.”

“You have others, I’m sure,” I say dryly.

Something flashes in her eyes so quickly, I nearly miss it. I would’ve missed it if I weren’t trained to see it all. It isn’t just the emotions she let slip in her gaze, her entire body betrayed her for a split second.

The dip of her red lips, the twitch in her right eye, the vein that pulsed in her neck. Her eyes shift right. She’s getting ready to feed me a lie.

“None of that matters. You’re unique in your skills and gifting. Your work is clean and your beauty affords you things others cannot acquire,” she says.

Mm. My retiring means something to her.

It doesn’t matter. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. Right and wrong are beginning to cross.

I don’t believe in the shit she tries to feed me anymore. This isn’t for the greater good. I’m a murderer. Plain and simple.

“You will do fine without me. I’m done,” I say.

“Then enjoy dinner. This will be our last. I’m glad I picked such an elegant place. To your retirement,” she says and lifts her glass.

I just stare at her. She knows I won’t eat or drink here. Yup, my trust issues are that deep.

“Ah, yes, it will be a shame to lose an asset like you. My finest… I won’t bore you,” she says as I start to look around, clearly not giving a fuck about what she’s talking about.

She doesn’t shut up though. “What does a beautiful girl like you plan to do with her life now that she has so much free time on her hands?”

“Live.” I stand to leave.

I walk out of the restaurant and bypass the valet. Keeping an eye on my surroundings, I get into my car. When the Aston Martin comes to life, I grin. That purr is my freedom roaring back at me.

I pull out into traffic and start for the airport. I’m no fool. I won’t be remaining here in Paris. The plan is to fall off the map.

I bring up my call list and phone the one person I’ve ever thought of as a friend. The agency gave me a fixer. Someone to keep me from losing my shit. I don’t know his name, I just know his voice. His voice has been my saving grace.

This will be our last call. It’s bittersweet. I don’t even remember when we became friends.

“Hello, Black Rose,” he says in a deep voice.

I’ve always imagined him as some sexy older guy. His voice is thick with authority, but his mannerism is always gentle. The contrast has drawn me in more times than I’d like to count.

“Hello, Mr. Fix it,” I say with a smile.

He gives a light chuckle but sobers quickly. “You’ve done it, haven’t you?” he says somberly.

“Yes,” I reply. “Don’t sound so glum. I’m off to lead a full life now. You won’t have to tinker with my crazy head to try to fix me. I’m free.”

“You’re a smart woman. I want the best for you.”

“This is best.”

“Little one,” his voice takes on a heaviness I’ve never heard. This is more personal. “You’re never free. I… I couldn’t tell you before… Run.”

The call ends, leaving me stunned. I stare at the screen on my dash with my brows drawn. Forcing my eyes back on the road, his words echo in my head.

Bright lights to my right draw my attention. I turn just in time to see the van that slams into the side of my car. The momentum flips my vehicle in the air.

I feel like everything is in slow motion. My life flashes before my eyes. At six, I’m in that dirty room being kicked around by my mother’s boyfriend.

“Come here, little bitch,” he snarled, kicking me in my ribs.

At sixteen, living on the street starving and wanting to give up. Desperate for warmth and a place to rest my head. The lady in black with the red shoes, her red lipstick, and that smile.

“Make a choice kid,” she said holding a sandwich out to me.

At eighteen, losing my shit after my first kill. Calling the number they gave me to talk to my fixer. My hands shook, covered in blood as I stood in the little apartment I rented. It got messy, I paused at the last minute and it got real messy.

“Hello. Is it done?” his soothing voice said.

“Yes,” I replied, my voice trembling.

“Very good. Breathe. Are you safe?”

“Yes, I believe so,” I said shakily.

“Then you have done well. Tell me, what did you have for breakfast?”

The car lands on it’s top bringing me back to the present. The windows blow out. The sound of metal scraping and crushing fills my ears. I only have seconds to make a very important decision.

Kill or be killed. This was no accident. From my training as an assassin, I was taught to finish what I start. If these people are from where I think they’re from, they live by the same code.

Mr. Fix it tried to warn me. He told me to consider what I planned to do. For weeks, he’s been telling me not to rush into this decision. I didn’t listen.


His last word rings loud. As the car stops spinning on its top, I take inventory of my injuries. I can move my limbs. That’s good. I hiss as something feels wrong in my side. Ignoring the pain, I release my seatbelt and pull the two Glocks from beneath my seat.

Heavy footfalls crunch over the glass outside the car. I take aim for the black jean covered legs that come into view. As soon as I see his silencer, I take his legs out.

I turn just in time to put a bullet in the balls of the guy coming on the other side. He drops to the ground screaming and I put a hole in his head. I turn back and put a slug between the first guy’s eyes just for good measure.

I can’t stay here. I have to move. I grab my bag that was in the back seat and is now on the roof of the turned over vehicle. I toss it out of the car before dragging my body through the shattered driver’s side window. I’m breathless when I make it through.

“Fuck,” I say as a wave of nausea hits. I have to fight not to pass out.

I tuck a gun into the back of my pants and grab my bag. I need to find someplace safe. I need to get out of sight.

It’s time for plan B.

Live now! Get your copy! 

Oh, wait!

If you made it this far then you are in for a treat. A chance to win a signed copy of Broken Soldier and a few goodies from me. Like, share, and comment below with the name of Parker's cousin in Broken Soldier for a chance to win.

Good luck!


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