Read Order 2020

Read Order Please!

The question has come up again about the read order of the books. Some have asked me to update the list. So here we go!


All Legally Bound Books and Spin-offs

Legally Bound 1

Legally Bound 2: Against the Law

Legally Bound 3: His Law

Perfect For Me 1

Hush 1: Family Business

Ballers 1: His Game

Brothers Black 1: Wyatt the Heart Breaker

Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love

Hush 2: Slow Burn

Legally Bound 5.0: Sam

Yours 1

Yours 2

Yours 3

Ballers 2: His Final Play

Brothers Black 2: Noah the Beast 

Legally Bound 5.1- 5.4  Special Edition Collection

Legally Bound 5.5

Where the Pieces Fall 

Brothers Black 3: Toby the Protector

Brothers Black 4: Braxton the Charmer

Broken Soldier 

Brothers Black 5: Felix the Watcher

A Home for Christmas 

Doctor Feel Good

Brothers Black 6: Ryan the Joker 

Brothers Black 7: Johnathan the Fixer 



Not Connected



Destiny 1

Destiny 2


Black Bella


Remember Me


My Funny Valentine (Valentine’s Novella)  


Be My Valentine


Wicked Prince Charmings


Blackhart Brothers Series:

Calling On Quinn 

In Deep 



Blue’s Exclusive Collection Only on her website 

Lost Souls Series and Connecting Books Read Order





A Million to Blow 

A Million to Stay 


Love Notes

Stay with Me




Not Connected Exclusives

The Fixer


His Miracle Baby 

Books Written as Royal Blue 

These titles are Male/Male Interracial Romance 

Kyle's Reveal 

Beau's Redemption 





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