All that’s Newly Releasing In the World of Blue Saffire? Oh and Giveaways!

It's February and you guys are probably like Blue... huh... Boo... What's up? And I'm like, maaaaaan. LOL I'm working. What you can't see is that I'm working super hard while juggling a million hats. Oh, I'm not complaining. I say this with so much excitement. When this machine turns in your direction to start pushing this content in your lap... YES!!!! So let's talk about release dates that I can finally share with you and the things I can begin to update you on.


What's Releasing Next?

Drum roll!

A Million To Blow will load into the membership next Tuesday the 19th of February. All active members will be able to log in and download Gregor and Chloe's story. I'm letting you know now their's is an emotional one. If you are not a member, this title will be live on the www.BlueSafire.com website exclusively, NOT Amazon, on March 1, 2019. You can, however, pay through Amazon pay.

I'll be real. My schedule was thrown off with that stomach bug that ran through my home. So I'm going to be late on the book that was supposed to release on Valentine's Day at Amazon. Yup, you didn't know about that but something is coming soon. As long as I can help it. I'm learning to juggle the expansion still, but I got you. I'll announce that cover reveal next week. 

Did you know?

I also write IR Male/Male Romance under the pen name Royal Blue. I've written a story that to me is everything! Romance with all the bells and whistles you look for. Kyle Reveal has to be one of my favorite books. Kyle's Reveal is the first of seven books in the series. I'll be turning book two in to the publisher soon. Totally loving where this series is going. You can pre-order your copy of Kyle's Reveal: My Brother's Keeper Collection: Book One now at Amazon or Dreamspinner Press.


A trip to victory line this Summer!

While we're talking pre-orders. I do believe I shared with you all my birthday wish. If you haven't read that post let me share my wish with you again. I'm aiming for the USAT Bestseller List! Not once, not twice, but three maybe four times. (Cough, cough, still deciding on the last secret project.) The first will be with the Exclusive Limited Edition Souls and Shadows Box Set that has King of Past in it. The prequel to Book One King of Knights in the Immortal Iron Brothers Series.

The Second run will be with King of Knights Book One in the Immortal Iron Brothers Series. I love this series and I know you will too.

You're going to get a bargain during pre-order and release week as you get King of Past in a box set for .99 cents along with a diverse group of 24 other authors telling their unique tales. Then you will be able to get King of Knight for .99 cents as well.


Although, to reach my goal with both books I really need your help. Can you pre-order both for me. I need support on iBooks as well as on Nook and Kobo. I have a set target and every single purchase helps.

Contemporary IR romance Blue Style. Your normal straight up no chaser #BlueCrack!


I think you are going to love this one! Remember Bradley Monroe? You know, Brad from Ballers? Well, do you remember his brother? That's right Trevor with the bitch wife Donna. Well, it's time for me to tell his story. I've always known he would have two books.

I've fought with him about this and we've gone back and forth for the longest. It the end as always guess who won? Not me. ROTF.

So Trevor gets a Novella, Wild Hearts and a Full-length book, Pieces of Trevor's Heart because you have to know how exactly he ended up with Donna. Trevor is one of the men in the room during the beginning of Where the Pieces Fall. Caleb tells you this. So now I'm going to show you why.

I'll be doing so in the in two books.

Oh did I forget to say they will be dropping back to back as well?


I have $20.00 Amazon gift cards! For a chance to win simply like, share on social media with the hashtag #WinBlueWin, and then comment on this blog post with your name. If you show me your screenshot to your pre-order of  King of Knights your name will be entered into the drawing for each screenshot.



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I feel like I can’t breathe. I vowed I’d stay away from the one place where my heart lives. Stepping one foot in Texas has the power to shred me open. I’d bleed out. I know I will. Yet, I have to go. It’s time I go home.
“Are you all right?” my personal assistant asks.
I look up from my phone into the face of Ray. I have to blink through my tears to see him. My tongue darts out to wet my lips. Suddenly, the air conditioning in my dressing room has a chill running through me.
Ray looks back at me through concerned eyes. He has become a friend. My best friend and assistant. I’ve needed him throughout the years. He has had my back through everything while I’ve made my mark on the world.
“No…no,” I shake my head as the tears begin to spill. “I don’t think I am.”
“Talk to me. What’s going on?”
“It…it’s my daddy. He needs me, but I have to go to him this time,” I push out.
“Is David okay? He was just in New York with us,” he says.
“He had a stroke. Mama says it’s not as bad as it could have been, but I know she’s lying. I have to go,” I reply.
“No problem. I’ll get to work on canceling tour dates. Do you know how long you’ll want to take?”
I shake my head and purse my lips to trap the sobs in my throat. I don’t know what’s gutting me more. What I have to go home for or what awaits me when I arrive.
Ray perches on the side of the vanity in my dressing room. His eyes search my face. I see the moment he reads through me.
“I’ve never asked why you refuse to go see your parents. Why I’m always booking for them to come to you in New York for the holiday, even when you’re not working. I’ve complied with you being a Texas-born girl, but demanding I never book shows in the state as big as it is,” he releases a long sigh.
“I love you, baby girl. Like my very own little sister, but you’re going to have to tell me what’s going on in Texas that looks like it’s about to unravel you completely.”
My lids close as more tears flow. “My biggest regret is back in Texas. The reason my sings come from my heart…the reason I can’t commit to or have a decent relationship. He lives in Texas. The one that broke my heart…he’s in Texas,” I say through trembling lips.
“So wouldn’t this trip be a good thing. Go home, show him you made is big and he’s the one that made the mistake?” Ray says.
I scoff hard, shaking my head.
“No, he has a family, a wife, and kids. I don’t matter,” I whisper.
Ray’s brows tighten. “Why would you be hung up on someone you don’t matter to?” he says.
“It wasn’t...it wasn’t always that way. At least…I…don’t know what happened. What changed. I guess I made the wrong choice and then…I was too late,” I push out.
“Too late? Lynn, any man willing to turn you down is out of his mind,” he replies, folding his arms over his chest.
I smile at my friend. He and his wife had a forever love. The kind I once thought I had. After losing his wife, Ray has been on a mission to see everyone else find love. I just don’t think that will ever be in the cards for me.
“We’re just…we’re complicated. Always have been,” I breathe out through the pain.
“Wait, this sounds a lot deeper than what you’re letting on,” Ray taps his chin with his phone staring off into space. A moment later, his fingers start to fly across the device in his hands. “Okay, let me clear your schedule. Then you and I are going to have a long talk. I want details.”
I nod. I don’t have the words to speak. I feel like I’m crumbling from the inside out. I’ve avoided this topic for years, only allowing myself to go there for my music.
Just breathe, Lynn. Just breathe.

I don’t want to be here. I want a fucking divorce. I want to move on with my life and my children. Donna is hell bent on dragging this shit out. I swear if I were a lesser man, I’d wrap my hands around her neck.
Val, my brother Brad’s, business partner’s wife, has offered more than once to make Donna disappear. I shudder every time. Something in Valentina’s eyes tells me she means it.
I see the same thing in her husband’s eyes. The look is something that’s kept me from joking about taking Val up on her offer. Donna’s a bitch, but she’s still the mother of my children.
As little as I see her care about them, I know they still love their Mama. That’s one of the reasons all this shit is dragging on my nerves. My babies deserve better.
Honest to God, my children are the only reason I’m here. Court order or not, I have no intentions of reconciling my marriage. I’m here to prove that shit is impossible. The sooner I do that, the better.
“Hello, Gentlemen. I know you’re all here for different reasons, but the basic reason is the same. You want your life to feel like your own again,” Dr. Winsor’s eyes fall on me.
“The best way to get to that is to find where you feel it all went wrong. So, gentleman, who wants to break the ice. Tell us your name and then tell us how you think you got here.”
I jump right in. My kids need stability and deserve a better life. I’m starting to see that so do I. I’ve had enough.
“My name is Trevor Monroe,” I speak up loud and clear.
“Welcome, Trevor,” Dr. Winsor says. “Thanks for being the first to step up. Group, let’s welcome Trevor.”
The men around give a solemn murmur. I look around at them all. Lovesick is written across a few of their faces, sorrow on others. They have someone on the other end of this that they want to fix things for. Not me.
“I’m here because I married a bitch and I want a divorce. She has used my money to pay some flashy city lawyer that’s pulling all types of shit to prevent this divorce, but it’s happening,” I say as my chest heaves my Texan accent heavy.
“Wow, Trevor. Take a deep breath. I understand you have some hard feelings about your situation. I’m sure they are valid. However, there has to be a starting point to it all. Tell us about you, Trevor. Tell us how you came to make the decision to marry your wife,” Dr. Winsor says softly.
I nod through my anger. “Yes, ma’am.”
I inhale as she suggests. I have to do it again to calm myself a bit more. I think, really think. My heart breaks in my chest, as I open a door in my memory that has been sealed shut for a long, long time. I close my eyes as they start to burn.
Their names play as a whisper in my mind. The two girls that changed the course of my life. The two that crushed me. That’s where this all started. I’d be a fool to deny that.
There never would have been a Donna if not for what happened to Brooke. Brooke, my best friend, the girl that saw through me and sent me after what I wanted most.
I remember Brooke and the name I still can’t bear to breathe. That door swings open and punches me in the gut. My lips loosen as it all spills forward.
“I had so many dreams when I was twenty. We all did. They were the girls everyone wanted to be around, they each had this magnetism about them. You just needed to be near them,” my drawl is heavy with emotion.
I’m taken back to where my life went so wrong. A time I’ll never get back. The one time I dared to dream for more.
Yup, I know exactly when this started.


  • Stacy

    Hi Blue,

    Just read through your new year’s update. Im so excited for Cameron’s story, its been YEARSSSSSS!!!! (lol). Color me pleasantly surprised that Trevor get to tell his story …whew chile! So my only question is WHEN? When is Trevor spilling his guts. If I have a choice (which I probably don’t, but if I did) I NEEEEEEEED Cameron’s story first, cause I know it is going to be something special.

    Thank you for these great movies and mini series in my head!

    • Blue Saffire

      I don’t have dates to give. I never give dates because life happens. I have one more book on my list before Trevor. Yes, he is first. LOL It has to be told in a certain order.

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