Cameron Perry (Yes, Caleb’s Twin From Where The Pieces Fall)

I Need to Clear this up.

When is Where the Pieces Fall 2 coming out? Will Caleb's Brother have a Story?

It would seem I need to clear somethings up as I've been getting a lot of emails and messages with those questions specifically in the last few weeks. It feels like it's almost every day now and that promoted me to reshare a blog post I did on this in the past.

However, I'm still being asked the same thing so I think I need to address this directly so the confusion that seems to be happening can be fixed. 🙂



Ladies and gentlemen, there is no, Where the Pieces Fall 2. The title of that series is Lost Hearts. So the other books in that series will be considered the Lost Hearts Series. Where the Pieces Fall was the title of that single book with Caleb. The other books in that series are about the men in the room with Caleb during therapy. Parker from Broken Soldier being one of them (Available Now on Amazon). That was the second book in the series. The next two books in the series are about Trevor, Brad's brother from Ballers 1. They are coming after Brothers Black 7.


Well, what about Cameron?


Cameron does have a book! It's in the Ballers Series. Book 3. Yes, it's on my 2020 list, but we'll have to see what happens. I'm working as fast as I can under the conditions. I know my goals and I'm determined to meet them.


I hope that helps and answers everyone's questions. Sending love! Muah!



  • TruthBTold

    Hey Cha?
    Thanks for the update. I don’t have social media accts. But I am subscribed to this site. I check site ever so often to see if u posted any releases or update for future reads. Surprised I didn’t get a notification for this post. Anywho very excited abt Cameron’s 2020 release. Would you please consider posting to this site the books that will come out this year? That way, instead of repeating yourself tell folks to go to site. I wouldn’t even post your 2021 work…..have fans only focus on current year. You know you have some pretty aggressive fans….they want what they want….for authors that’s good for the love but bad with the demand..shit can become stressful. Also, I was introduced to you 2 or 3 years ago I think (Amazon recommended) I always filter by publication date. WOMAN i know for a fact in 2018 you had no life but writing…who publishes 7 books in one year!!!! Like you slowed down finally in 2019. 2020, still out there. But as a fan who has nothing but RESPECT for you….please don’t burn yourself out. Your fans aren’t going anywhere. Like you write a lot..just saying don’t overwhelm/stress yourself out, like that could really affect your health. Like, if you wanted to tell us…”like look here. I will commit to 3 or 4 books a year. If I decide to do more I’ll email you the purchase link. Idk, I’m just going to STFU now; ??‍♀️

    • Blue Saffire

      LOL! Much respect. Some good suggestions. I will say that I don’t release my schedule because things come up. It’s stressful having the emails and inboxes when I can’t meet with a date I set while I’m still working. This is the reason I don’t post release dates or what’s coming until I’m close to ready.

      For example, right now, I need a new laptop. That pushed back my dates for a month.

      Sigh. Working it out. Thank you for checking and suggestions.

    • Blue Saffire

      I wasn’t able to type or use my hand in 2021. I’m human and had to take care of myself. I’ll get to this book when I can.

    • Blue Saffire

      While I appreciate your support and can understand your anticipation. Life happens outside of writing these books. My health comes first. I wasn’t even able to type for almost a year. It’s coming!

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