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The Doctor is in!

Hey! Today is the day. Fireworks are going off. The Good Doctor is in!

I'm excited about this one. I put a lot into it. I hope you enjoy it. I put heart into this one. I had fun with Omid and Divine.

Here's a taste.

Doctor Feel Good

Copyright 2019 Blue Saffire

Online Love


“What are you doing?” my cousin, Ramses says as he walks into the room.

I jump, nearly knocking the laptop from my lap as I sit on the bed with my back to the wall behind me. I look up to find the twins both watching me with mischievous smiles on their faces. My parents would literally kill me if they knew about my online profiles.

Social media isn’t allowed in Iran. My Persian parents are nothing but traditional. This… all of this would be frowned upon. Just the thought makes my chest hurt.

There are so many things I want to experience that my baba wouldn’t approve of. I had to beg to stay this summer with my uncle and his sons. Uncle Jahan is the black sheep of the family to begin with.

If it weren’t for Baba benefiting from my uncle’s disinterest in the family’s wealth and stature, I’m sure Baba would’ve disowned him by now. I still can’t believe I’m here.

“Nothing,” I mutter and try to close the laptop that my uncle gifted me upon arrival.

Remi, the other twin, rushes over and reaches out to keep me from closing the device. Plucking it from my lap, he sits on the bed beside me and begins to laugh. Ramses climbs onto the bed on the other side of me, sandwiching me in.

“Your father will never let you return if he finds out about this,” Remi says as he starts to scroll through the laptop. “She’s pretty.”

“Let me see,” Ramses says, reaching over me to grab the laptop from his brother. Pulling the device into his lap, he whistles. “Now that is a gorgeous girl. What do you plan to do with her?”

“Nothing,” I mutter and rub my hands on my jeans.

“Is that the only word you know in English,” Remi teases knowing that I speak English just fine.

My cousins are a few years older than me. They’ve been here in America since they were little toddlers. At eighteen, this is my first trip. I’ve looked up to them every time they’ve come to Shiraz to visit. I wanted to come spend time with them this summer to try to be as cool as they are.

“Ah, we can’t have that. Let me help you,” Ramses says and clicks to request the friendship of the beautiful girl I’ve spent the last two hours staring at.

“Wait, what are you doing?” My heavy Persian accent thickens.

Sakin ol, kuzen.”

“How am I to relax? You just sent her a request. I… I don’t even have a profile pic. Why would you do this?”

“Because it’s time you got your dick wet,” Remi laughs.


Ramses laughs. “You heard him.”

“It’s a computer. How am I supposed to get my… How is this supposed to help with that?”

Remi bumps me with his shoulder. “You are a Vahid. She will drop her panties as soon as she sees your face.”

“But that’s my point. I can’t put my face on there. Do you know what my father will do if he finds out?”

Ramses pauses as he already has his phone out to take my picture to load to the computer. “Okay. You have a point.”

“He looks like us. His eyes are just different.”

Doğru,” Ramses says thoughtfully. “You shaved today. You take a picture.”

“You want to put your face on… No, I want to be honest with her. I don’t want to lie,” I say firmly.

“Give him your Cavallis,” Remi waves for Ramses to hand over his sunglasses.

I take the shades and place them on. Remi wraps an arm around my neck and snaps a picture. He then takes a few of himself. I fold my arms over my chest and frown at him.

“Have trust, Omid. We are looking out for you,” Ramses says.

“We’ll load this one of the two of us together. The shades will put off the snoops and if your father does see, I’ll take the blame. When she sees it, she’ll see two attractive guys and will accept your request. We’ll put up these other photos to make it seem like it’s my profile,” Remi says as if it’s so simple.

“We’ll change the profile name too.”

“Use Arman,” Remi snorts.

“Ha! They won’t know which. Nice.”

Remi and I have the same middle name. This just may work. “Do you think it will work?” I say as hope starts to bloom.

I’ve been looking at this girl’s profile since I got the laptop a week ago and started to browse the internet. She’s gorgeous. Big brown eyes that are slanted and sparkle when she smiles. It’s like she’s looking at me in every picture. As if she’s connecting to my soul through each image.

Her full lips must make kissing the most wonderful thing in the world. Her dark hair is in a different style in almost every picture. There’s one picture of her in shorts and a bikini top. I’ve never been harder in my life than when I saw that image.

She’s funny too. Her posts show her sense of humor. For a sixteen year old, she’s extremely smart as well. I’ve been watching her debate on one of the sites. She has well-formed opinions and responses. I think her brain is more of a turn on than her face and body.

“It will work. American girls are different. You will see,” Remi’s says.

“But… how am I going to… never mind,” I say feeling like a fish out of water. She hasn’t even accepted my request.

“Will you look at that? I told you we’re too handsome to resist,” Ramses snickers. “You’re welcome.”

I snatch the laptop back as my heart pounds. She accepted. She really accepted.

“What will you do now, Omid?”

Palms sweaty, I grin and send my first inbox to my new friend. I will not waste my time here in America. I want to know this girl.

Hello. My name is Arman. Can I have a minute of your time to tell you how beautiful you are?

I hit send and wait for the girl of my dreams to reply as my cousins sit teasing me. The wait seems to take forever. I roll my eyes at my cousins’ antics, but on the inside I feel sick. I could’ve said something different. Something cool.

“You’re a little smooth. We’ll work on that,” Ramses says.

“Shit, it worked,” Remi says, “She’s typing.”




Lying on my stomach on my bed, I chew on my lip as I read the message again. I almost didn’t accept the request. These thirsty dudes stay in my inbox. Still, there’s something about ol’ boy in the shades and the one without them is fine as hell too. I go to his profile and scroll through his pics.

I’m a little disappointed to find out that the one without the shades seems to be the owner of the profile. He’s still fine and he got game. I shrug and click back on Messenger.

“Screw it,” I whisper and start to type.

Boys at school never holler at me. I’m too dark, too outspoken, too whatever for them. I’m not butt hurt over it. I’ve gotten plenty of modeling gigs since my sixteenth birthday. I’m fine with the skin I’m in.

I bite my lip as I read over my message. I don’t want to come off like I’m feigning or anything. It’s simple enough. I hit send.

Hey, what’s up? I’m Divine.

Clicking back to his profile, I look over the pictures again. “Arman,” I test the name on my lips. He’s Middle Eastern. I can tell that much. My dad would have a fit. I think for a minute that I could be talking to a terrorist but shake that stupid shit off. I hate the way one of my best friends at school gets treated. Dada is the coolest girl in my crew. People make assumptions from your looks in a heartbeat.

Your name is as beautiful as you are. Do you have a boyfriend, Divine?

I giggle and start to type back. “Oh shit.” I startle when my cousin, Marica flops down on the bed beside me. She falls onto her back giggling after almost scaring the bejesus out of me.

“You’re not funny. I’m going to put my brother’s dirty socks in your pillowcase tonight,” I say and roll my eyes.

She knows I’m bluffing. I love Marica like my own sister. I hate that her family moved away. I miss her being here all the time. She’s only here for the summer now.

“Whatcha doing?” she says, flipping over onto her stomach.

I chew on my lip again, deciding on whether or not to tell her. She knows how strict my parents are, but she wouldn’t rat me out. I push the laptop between us and show her the profile pics of the guy that I’m talking to.

“He just requested me and popped up in my inbox,” I explain.

“Oh, they’re cute. Which are you talking to?”

“I think it’s the one without the glasses,” I say as I sit up and pull the laptop into my lap to finish typing.

“Oh, he got game,” Marica laughs.


Thank you. No, I’m not seeing anyone. Why are you asking?

I hit send and laugh, falling into my cousin. She takes the computer and clicks to look at the pictures again. I think we are both drooling. He has such pretty eyes. There a light amber color. Sort of hazel. His dark hair, thick brows, and lashes are arresting and sort of dangerous too.

“Does he look too old?” I muse as I knot my fingers in my T-shirt.

“A little. His profile says his eighteen though. His birthday just passed.” She gasps. “Oh, here. He replied.”

Because you are now my princess. I have to go for now but we’ll talk again soon. Later, gorgeous.

“Oh my God,” Marica and I say at the same time.

Just like that. I fall in love with a boy I don’t even know. Although, I can’t stop looking at his friend with him in the picture. I shrug. Arman is just as fine and he sounds like everything.


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Okay. Time for me to finish this next one. See you soon. Muah!


  • Narkita

    I love this book!! I have read it twice since I got it on Friday!! I’m not going to give too much away since a lot of people have not read it. When you love somebody you love them for who they are regardless of their faith or religion. True love conquers all even when you have to go against your family to prove it. I love every book you have written! I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to my true book boyfriend…LOL… You’re doing such a great job keep up the good work!!!

    • Blue Saffire

      Thank you so much. This is greatly appreciated. Glad you enjoyed Omid and Divine. They were two of my favs. 🙂

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