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I want to make a blog post to answer my most asked questions. Someplace for everyone to be able to reference. I will update with answers to questions that may come up after this post. This one may get long. LOL Let's get this started.


When will ________ be released?

I get emails and inboxes almost daily asking for one title or another. I'm so grateful for this. However, I don't give release dates. Too many things going on in life, in general, to do so.

I can only give release dates on projects that have completely gone through the production process. Which is why you see the countdowns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you want to stay up on release dates, the back way is to join the mailing list. Sign up here.

Here are the dates I can give you at this point.

  • Beau's Redemption: Brothers Keeper Series Written as Royal Blue: October 22, 2019 
  • Calling On Quinn: Blackhart Brothers Series: February 25, 2020 (Cover reveal coming soon.) 

As of today July 29, 2019. You will see one more exclusive and one more Amazon release before the next Brothers Black releases. That's as much as I can give at this time.


What happened to the release date for the Iron Brothers Series and The Lost Heart books for Trevor?

Due to things outside of my control, I had to make the choice to move the series to the Fall/Winter. I will keep you posted on when they will appear. They are currently still on the list for 2019.


Will _______ have a story?

If I mention them enough, most likely they have a book coming. However, here is a post I created that does give a long list of most of the characters that have books coming. See list here.


How do I sign up for the membership?

Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up. The membership has been closed. I'm finishing out the books I promised and that will be the end of the membership.

If you are a member you know have access to the books in the back end. Login with your same password and username and download your books. Here's the link to the portal.


What's the difference between Royal Blue Books and Blue Saffire Books?

Blue Saffire books are heterosexual romances. Royal Blue Books are Gay Romance. Yes, Royal Blue novels are still IR and AA.

The My Brother's Keeper Series is a MM (Male/Male) Series.


I'm a Blue Member, I think?

If you signed up with just your email, no, you are not a Blue Member. You are on the mailing list for updates, but you are not a Blue Member. Blue Members paid a monthly or yearly fee to be members.

Now if you paid and believe you are a member then please log in or contact me if you are having issues logging in.


I'm here to help. 🙂


I'm a Member, but I Can't Find the Login On The New Site?

Here's the login portal. Follow the link.

Or you can go to the site. Click on Blog, in the dropdown click on, Member Login. That will take you to the portal.


How Do I Purchase The Exclusive Books?

You simply follow the links to use Amazon Pay. Although you are paying through your Amazon account the books are not going to go straight to your Kindle. Slow down, take the time to allow the site to redirect you to the download link after your purchase. Again, it DOES NOT download automatically. You have to follow through to the download.

I suggest downloading to your email so you can email it to your Kindle email address. That will place it on all of your devices.


What to I Do If I Don't Follow the Link Or If I Have a Problem With My Download?

Please email me ASAP at TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com  I will be happy to help you as soon as I can. I'm the first person you should contact.

In order to get you the book, I will ask you to follow the following steps to add my email to your approved Kindle emailing list.

To add an approved email address:

  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  2. From Settings, scroll down to Personal Document Settings.
  3. Under Approved Personal Document E-mail List, check if your email address is listed. If your email address is not listed, select Add a new approved e-mail address.
  4. Enter the desired email address (TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com) and click Add Address.
    Tip: To remove an approved email address, select Delete next to the address you wish to remove, and then click OK to confirm.

If you follow these steps we can get the book to you faster. Make sure you give me the email you purchased from.


Are There Blurbs for the Exclusives?

Yes, there are. Follow the links to their title pages.




A Million to Blow

A Million to Stay 

Love Notes 

The Fixer


I Downloaded the Book but It's Only On One of My Devices.

When you download the book, download it to your email so you can email it to your Kindle email address. That will place it on all of your devices.

If you have already downloaded and are beyond this point. See instructions above to add my email address to your approved list, then email me your purchase email and your Kindle email address and I will send the book to you this time. Just remember to send it to yourself next time.

Where can I find more information about the retreat for 2020?

You can get most of your information here. If there are any questions not answered feel free to contact me.

What comes with the VIP Ticket?

  • VIP Lunch
  • Additional gifts from Blue
  • More in the works as will plan
  • Limit VIP tickets

How Do I Book My Hotel?

You have to register for the retreat first. You will be given the booking information after.

Is This The Last Retreat?

Yes. This takes a lot of time to plan. I have sooooo many books I still want to write. My head is crowded. I'll think about these events again somewhere down the line. Far, far, far into the future and mind you, I said think about, not do. LOL

Send your questions to TheBlueSaffire@gmail.com

I answer my emails the fastest. You can leave comments here as well. I answer those second, but not as fast.



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