The A**hole Club Series 1st Release “Pit “

Hey guys! I'm so excited! Pit is finally here. I love this book so much and I think you will too.

This is a new series with 5 authors and 6 books. I've opened a new world and asked a few friends to publish in it with me. So Tiffany Patterson, Ivy Harper, Tiya Rayne, and KT Adler are all joining to write The A**hole Club.

That's one book every week. Tiffany's book will be release Tuesday 9, 2021, so don't waste time. You want to be ready to run through these awesome books.

Book one Pit is now live on Amazon.

Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents
If you've never called me one, you've never met me. I'm a bonafide member of the A**hole Club. Oh, we've earned the name. Which is why for the life of me I can't understand why I'm putting everything on the line for this chick. She drives me crazy, she's not mine, and she's a little a**hole herself.
However, from the first night I saw her she's been like a flashing light beckoning me to chase down danger. Yeah, I have a thing for Mayven "Skittles" Jennings. That's probably why she knows to keep her tail away from me and I've kept my distance from her. That is until she needs my help.

William "Pit" Pitman. Gah!
Pit is the last person I want to go to for help, but I need a savage for this task--a savage that's as good behind a wheel as I am. Pit's a jerk, but he's my best option. I have three goals here. 1. Get to my cousin, Shawna, and save her life. 2. Make sure no one finds out what Shawna and I have gotten ourselves into. Especially not our parents--the good old mayor and my aunt that could be the next senator. 3. Don't fall for the a**hole who storms in and takes control like he always does.

We've been seeing things all wrong. The truth changes everything. We can race against the clock or burn the mother*cker down and take what's ours, including each other.

*This a Novel in The A**holes Club Series. Blue Saffire World with 4 other authors writing in it. Start this journey with Blue Saffire and come back week after week to read the next book in the series as Tiffany Patternson, Ivy Harper, Tiya Rayne, and KT Adler each join forces to bring you The A**hole Club before Blue Closes it out with book 6. While you can read the books as a standalone, it will enhance experience if you read all 6 books in order.
This is the read order for the best experience.

Pit Book 1 by Blue Saffire
Luke Book 2 by Tiffany Patterson
Tak Book 3 by Ivy Harper
Deacon Book 4 by Tiya Rayne
Rhet Book 5 by KT Adler
Kelex Book 6 by Blue Saffire

**This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+
***To keep up with release dates sign up for the mailing list at bluesaffire.com


  • Vicky

    Hi Blue… I was wondering if after the first season of the A**holes Club has been published for awhile.. Will you and the other authors consider putting the books in a boxset or will y’ll keep them separate?

    • Blue Saffire

      They will remain separate. Amazon would even allow for them to be a box set. The books are too long and the file would be too big. Not to mention the way the books are contracted this wouldn’t work out fair to the authors.

  • Pam

    Blue I am currently reading the Assholes Club series and I can’t locate the last two books Rhet and Kelex. Have they been released yet? If so, where can I find them? I so love your books and I get so excited and laugh hard when reading them. Keep up the good work. You sure make my day when I am reading one of your books. I’m a fan for life.

    • Blue Saffire

      There will be no Rhet published in this series. Sorry. It just didn’t work out. I’ll write the last two books Ox and Kelex and they will be out this fall.

  • Shawntel L Fairfield-Carver

    Just finished Deacon’s book and was trying to find the books for Rhet and Kelex but i am not finding them anywhere. Are they released yet? If so, where can i find them; if not, when will they be released? Really enjoying this series and some of the others i have now read by the various authors writing this series.

    • Blue Saffire

      Unfortunately, there were issues with some finishing their book for this series. I’ll now be writing the last two books in the Series. Ox and Kelex. I’m finishing the Work Husband series now and then I’ll move to these two books to close the series out. It’s looking like I’ll be done with the series this fall.

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