FAQ UPDATE August 2023

I know, I know, I missed a few updates about 3. However, I've been working and nothing had really changed until around July. So come on friends lets see what cooking in the vault and who's trying to jump out.

The A**hole Club Series

If you haven't heard the A**hole Club Series has come to an end. Pit, Luke, Tak, Deacon, Ox, and Kelex are now all available on Amazon. Thank you for your patience. This means I'm free. I can move on and close some other worlds and open and close a few others. I'm not sharing my schedule but I will update all the things we've been talking about here.


When you ask about Where The Pieces Fall part two, you're not asking about what you think you are. There is no such thing. Most times you guys are asking about Cameron's book. His book is in the Ballers' series. Book 3. I'm two contemporary books away from this one.

Let us pray. LOL I have my head down doing a hundred and one things.

This is still on my 2023 list and has been talking for the last two years. I'll be happy to get to it. I have a playlist I have to avoid because Carmen likes to talk to it.

The Blackhart Brothers Series

There have been some big changes here to this answer.

I've been asked how to find the last two books?

Here is the answer to this question. So I left the publisher for the first two books in the series. I wasn't allowed to publish another from the series for a year. I then acquired the rights back to all four books and decided to re-release books one and two when books three and four were complete.

However, this didn't work out for a few reasons. I then thought I could get one out every other month. Still not happening.

First, book one is back up— a new version with a different ending this is the original version I wrote. Second, book two is getting a full make over. New plot, new characters, and ending. I'm rewriting the book to fit what I wanted this series to be originally. This will take more time so it's going to have to wait a second until I finish what I am already working on. Trevor's two books, Ballers 3, and the Immortal Iron Brothers. I can't say if that's in 2023. It's looking more like early 2024.

Thank you for your patience.

Black Bella

Nothing new here. LOL

I was asked about the final two books in the Black Bella series. This series was one of my first books if not my first. I'm a much different author. I think that's where the disconnect with the characters is coming from. My hope is that when I go to clean the first book up with new edits, the series will speak up.

I also don't have the last two covers so that might be the problem as well. However, I'm not buying anymore covers until I publish the over 200 I have. So if that's the problem, it is what it is for now. LOL

Lost Souls

I do have updates here. I've spoken to the cover designer to tweak the covers that needed to be rearranged in the series. She's working on that.

I have four of the final eight books on my schedule for 2024. Cage, Thor, Jackie, and Grim. This series is the head of a universe so I do have some books that will need to enter the mix before I get to the final 4.

Good thing is, you have one spinoff series already. A Million to Blow which will complete in 2024. I'm working on my thoughts for the NY and LA chapters. I also need to move the Love Notes Series and Lost to Amazon as it all connects, also happening 2024. These books all go before Kelvar, book 8.

Destiny Series

There's one more book and it has made my 2024 list. Low on the list but it's there and will move up if something else misbehaves.

Immortal Iron Brothers

I'm so excited! This is going to be so much fun for me. I'm doing new things with the interior of the books and it's PNR! Do you know how much I love PNR.

Book one is now on Preorder. You don't want to miss things one. Get your preorder now.

Series description:

The Immortal Iron Brothers are demi-gods forced to hide among humans as a Motorcycle club because of a curse. There are many beings hiding in the ranks of the club—werewolves, warlocks, vampires, and the Kings—demi-gods.

Ties to a crime family and the curse that bind the brothers to them are about to reveal secrets and end centuries of pain and loss. The brothers' servitude is about to come to an end. They can finally break the curse. Or can they?

Just when the brothers think all is lost and their father has long forgotten them. They find he has been watching and waiting to aid them in taking all their power back. There is no match for the Immortal Iron Brothers motorcycle club or their biggest secrets.

Book 1: King of Knights is up for preorder!


My brothers and I are unique. We were born with a Power so enormous it has to be harnessed and locked away. Our demi blood both defines and drives us.

I’ve lived century after century, running from a curse that blood has inflicted upon us. That was until a family of humans finds out our secret and bound us to them.

Now as freedom is upon us because of the one detail they failed to learn—or so we thought—all hell is breaking loose. The past has appeared in a form I don’t know, but she feels like someone I used to know well.


All my life I’ve felt different. My father has always been cautious of who I meet and where I go. The one night I decide to defy him, I end up running for my life. Then he appears. He saves me, then drops me to my death or so I thought.

Now I’m sharing my mind and body with another woman. Or is it hers. She knows this man and wants him back.

What does this mean? How is this possible? In the end who will be standing? Do I love him or is this her? Is he in love with me or her?

Will it even matter when it’s all said and done?

A Million to Blow Series

I've been asked if there will be more to this series. Yes, there are two more books. Cane and Wade still have books coming. These books are at the top of my 2024 list. Right after the final Blackhart books.

Hush Series

Note: I think Logan and Misha need to come first. However, I'm not there and I don't have covers for Misha's series. I've just came up with the concept for it and now to see if I can book for it and get his book in somewhere, but it looks like only book 3 will come out in 2024.

I've been asked about the next generation to the Legally Bound series and it's spin-offs. For now, Sammy Mairettie and Jordan Black are the only ones I for sure have books planned for. Both are in the Hush Series Book 4 and 5. However, first will me Micheal Donati in book 3.

I have this series outlined but again it's a matter of timing and when I can get to it. One person, two hands, one brain. I'll get to it as soon as I clean my plate. I just want you to know I am heading for it. The Alliance will fit somewhere around these books. I'm still thinking about that part.

Be Yours Series

I was just asked about this series today.

This is where you will find Dr. Nobi, Mark, Gavin, and Rick from the Yours Series.

The series has been outlined, I have all the covers for this series, and I have done the re-read of the books needed for me to get to this series. However, this is also a matter of time, and the fact that I can only write one book at a time and I'm going as fast as I can.

I've placed the series on my list for 2024. We'll see what I get done.

Please, have patience and show me some grace. If I push too hard we'll have nothing. If you relax and allow me to relax this becomes easy and I move faster.

Kings of New York Series

I've been asked about Logan and Brooklyn. While I have the covers for this series and it's outlined. I have a lot of prep work to get to the writing. However, Logan is the last book in the series. That's not going to change. This is a 5 book series starting with Uncle Ronan.

I do have it on my 2024 list as I want it done so you meet Logan before I get to Sammy.

The Alliance

I was asked about Misha. Yes, he gets a book but I don't have covers for his series and I'm not investing in them until I get through the over 200 I have..... As you can see this thought has changed.

All my thoughts on this part of the universe are still developing. Stick with me.

That's what's happening as for August 2023. I have 2024 planned. A lot happening but it's all great.

For a look at what is still planning for 2023 here you are.

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